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  1. Ok I am only growing one plant, I do not plan on growing it that big before I start to flower maybe like 12 inches, then I will start to flower. I have one CFL that is 14 watts, but it says that it is a 3500k lumens, I have heard that is enough for one plant, i am thinking about getting another one just to be safe. Well the light gets kinda hot but I can touch the light without burning myself, now my grow box in my closet isnt that big, I have a small 12 volt fan, but its kinda powerful, I only have it on a 9 volt adapter on, it slowed it down alittle, my question is should I have it pushing in cool air or pulling out hot air?
  2. 14 watts may get you by for the first few days after germination but that's not nearly enough light. You should have at least 100 watts on that plant.

    A small fan set on low blowing air over the lights and plant should help keep things cool and strengthen the stem.
  3. alright here's what im thinking, go too wal-mart buy 2 daylight cfls they both come together it will cost you 6.50 ish then buy a y-adapter which is maybe 2.50 ish and then your set, as for the fan i say have it suck in cool air and put an exhuast spot some where, thertically if its light tight its also air tight which means that cool air being sucked in has to push the hotter air out, and the exhuast should be as close to the top as possiable.
  4. no matter what .... get more lights on it.....and i would say use 2 small computer fans for for exhast and one for the light and plants
  5. honestly how much weed can you grow with a 14watt CFL? 2 grams?

  6. 3 cfls on one plant got me 13 grams can expect far less with only 1 light. i would get more.
  7. i dont think youd be able to even get it past a seedling with 14w cfl.

    2 or 3 of those daylight 6500 lumen 23w=100w should get you by for a while.

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