CFL confusion not to burn plants

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  1. I totally understand that cfls need to be closer to the plant than the other options avail but my problem deals with the fact that i lost my last plant due to keeping it too close. So my question is, how do i keep a cfl rack close to the plant and not burn it, but not too far away to promote stretching? is this just "the art" of it, or is there a good tool/technique used to diagnose the distance (i.e. read the plant, distance temps, wattage to plant ratio)? anybody with a green thumb in cfls mind helping a man out?

    if it matters, the old plant was in a bad circulated grow box, but i built a new one with a nice light rack and optimal air flow. im just afraid of plant stretching/burning.
    box measures 3.4' X 2.4' X 1.4, out of an old dresser drawer. the rack consists of 6 27 watt 5000k 1750L bulbs. 2 exhaust pc fans and 2 intakes at the bottom.
  2. i have my vegging plants about 1-1.5" away from the CFL with a fan blowing on the plants/bulb and they are fine. i also use 1 of those big ass 100watt CFL's that get decently hot.
  3. wow, an inch or so isnt close enough to burn? thats good to know. the one i burned, i ws using one of those big ass cfl's, mine was the 68 watt sotf white 2700k 4200L one and i had it a few inches away and burned it to a crisp with a fan blowing directly on it! you lucky bastard. i found out that bulb is better for flowering anyway.
  4. yea, if i dont have the fan blowing directly in between the plants and bulb/on the blub, the bulb gets really hot. definitely hot enough to burn the plants. but with the fan on everythings fine
  5. ok, thanks guys, im feeling a little better about doing this "again." Also, in line with this topic, since im in Phoenix and my grow box is in my gargage, and my garage pretty much stays a constant 99 degrees, which in turn, my box has been the same. I certainly dont want this temp when i throw my plant in there. i have an 80cm exhaust fan and passive air flow holes in the bottom. anything i can do to futher ease my mind on burning/overheating this beauty? i have a 12" and 6" osculating fans in there to promote more airflow, but what else? anyone?
  6. if your box is in an area with the ambient temp being that hot, no amount of fans will bring temps down to manageable levels
  7. UB is right, no amount of fans are going to bring that temp down to a good range. If you have easy access to an AC duct from your garage, just T some 4"dryer ducting off of the AC duct and run it into your cab. That's what I did, my temps drop to about 76 as soon as the AC kicks on, they peak at about 84-86 during the intervals when the AC isn't on and it's just the fan running.

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