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CFL Cabinet Grow

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by Majikbudz420, Mar 12, 2015.

  1. Well its been a while since Ive been on here. My last grow included a 1000watt hps and all the bells and whistles but now Ive reduced my grow to something a little less substantial.
    This grow includes two 55watt light rails up top for my babys, and two 55w light rails and two 250watt CFL one of which is daylight and one of which is cool white. My dimensions are 3'h x 4'w x 3'd for the veg chamber and 5'h x 4' x 3'd for the flower chamber. Ive got a super quiet 100cfm computer fan on each chamber with venting to a filter.
    I started 15 seeds about two weeks ago and got 13 out of it. These seeds include Jamaican Kush, Kush1 and Purple Kush from The Vancouver Seed Bank.
    Heres where im at now.

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  2. Forgot to mention the guy in the bigger chamber was just put in tonight. I had a couple Alaskan Thunder Fuck seeds from my last harvest out in British Columbia. I believe her to be the daughter of my last harvest. Fingers crossed she looks the same but there was a mix up with the seeds so there is no way to tell :(
  3. Likin the look of things, subbed in
  4. Best of luck to you all your plants are looking nice man
  5. Thanks guys its not my first time around the block but its been a while since Ive dabbled with CFLs
  6. Update week 3: The babies are doing very well, not stretching at all, and staying a nice shade of green. As for the flowering plant, he has developed a strong stem and has grown 3 inches since I last posted, and has dramatically increase in width. Also bud sites are just to say starting!

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  7. lookin good man. subed for sure. you feeding yet or straight water at this stage?
  8. Whoops forgot to mention that I started feeding them 10-15-10 concentrate (10drops per 1litre) for the flowering plant and straight water for the babies.
  9. cool man. are they fem or just regular
  10. Alright been a while since ive posted an update. The ATF plant is about a week or so away from being finished. I also found out i have two autoflowers which arent showed here. The other taller plants are staggered 1 weeks apart.

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