Cfl Box Grow, Round #2

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  1. Here we go again :rolleyes:
    Number 2 has been under way since May 14.
    Placed one bean in a dish of tap water and set in the dark for 15 hours. I had my soil, Black Gold 0.005-0.0-0.0, prepared before hand in a 10 oz plastic container. After bean sat for 15 hours, removed it and placed under 1/4 inch of soil. Kept the light out for 12 more hours and then lights on for 24 hours straight for 4 days. She popped the soil and had cotyldons and first leaves on May 16th!!
    48 hours!! :lol:
    Switched lights to 20/4 schedule on timer.
    She is under 3x42 cfl watt Daylight 6500k and 1@23 cfl watt soft white 2700k bulbs with reflective dome.
    Total lumens=10,700
    Total cfl watt=149
    Unfortunatly, any pics from the first days are gone. New phone, lost old pics :angry:
    Anyway, she has had only lights, air, and spring water for her first 14 days.
    I transplanted her into her final home, a 12 litre pot but only using actually 9 litres of it. This was on day 15.
    I fed her a very light nute feeding this afternoon. Nutrient NPK level of 24-8-16 at 1/8 teaspoon to a gallon of spring water.
    She is thriving and surviving!!:D
  2. Nice lookin' baby man. Can't wait to see this grow. 
  3. Lol, i cant wait to get home from work to tell it good morning!! And to hopefully see some awesome overnight growth :p
  4. Looking good man ! Nice and dark :p) Have you considered CO2? I know there are optimums but it couldn't hurt to raise the CO2 PPM count a little could it ? It sure is easy to do !! I used to do it with my aquariums and it worked great with adequate lighting !
     I love to see the pics of ppls grows! I wish I could work out how to sub ur grow man !
  5. Yeah, at some point i will add some CO2, probably from a homemade CO2 generator. Probably in the next few days.

    Usually when you post in a thread it automatically subbs you. Dont know how your posting, mobile or pc, but i know that on my mobile, its done by hitting my menu button at bottom of phone, task bar pops up and subbing is one of the options.
    Ps, thanks for the compliments :D
  6. Good news ! I have now found in my settings that i get notifications so all good :p)
  7. Good Morning!!!!
    More beautiful growth :lol:
    1370179698232.jpg 1370179732195.jpg
  8. Looks like an indica dominant hybrid strain. What are you growing man?
  9. Looking good man, I'm interested in what strain it is too.
  10. Well, tell you the truth, im really not sure of the strain. Yes it does look Indica heavy. Its a seed from collection if various strains. Some i know which they are, some i dont. This was the one i randomly chose. Forgot the strain. Out of all i have, only 1 is a for sure fem bean, El Alquimista, that i have to wait until November to try. Have to wait until then due to work schedule.
  11. More growth, 8 hours from earlier pics from this morning. 1370233968461.jpg
  12. Last update and pics for today, for real...:p
    I did a little pinning down of three leaves allowing light to get into some inside branches that are bullying their way through!! So far i am very pleased with the growth and healthy apperance.
    If you look in, you can see at least on hook on the left.

  13. So heres day 19. More healthy growth :lol: making me happy!!!
    Side shot above
    Top shot below
    1370382749347.jpg 1370382797285.jpg
  14. Time for a daily update. Trying to put on a side view and top view pic on each update. The pics are taken 24 hours from previous days pics, give or take a minute or two, lol. The post might not be at the same time each day, but the pics are so that the growth can be compared day by day.
    So far since soil pop its had straight water, and only one light feeding. Yesterday was its straight water day, and i believe it enjoyed the 2 litres.
    So, with that said, heres is day #20 on its journey from groundbreaking. 1370462373131.jpg

    Top view above
    Side view below

  15. looking good sub'd for the rest of the way :) we seem to have started  around the same time :) good karma to you my friend
     Good to see a fellow welsh toker :p)
  17. Good to see a fellow welsh toker :p)
    Lol!!! I was wondering if Swansea was from the UK or Massachussetts considering the Swansea name. Its all good though, its awesome communicating with folks from all over the world who have the same interests, especially with gardening!!!
    Glad i have some new "friends" along for the journey. ^_^
  18. ah ye im subbed to this bro, looks good ! I hope mine look as good at 2.5/3 weeks :p)
    :p lol small world aint it :D
    didnt know there was a swansea in massachusetts lol but im from the uk one anyway lmao :D  

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