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Certain Strains of Edibles help clean the lungs?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Whatpottt123, Aug 11, 2019.

  1. Hi it seems like whenever I take edibles of this strain that it would help clear my lungs or dispel all the mucous and tar from heavy smoking.

    Has anyone else notice this when eating edibles? Seems like it is some kind of natural lung cleanser....
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  2. I have never heard of that before....maybe its the fact that when you're eating your dose and not smoking dont get mucous?
  3. THC is a bronchodilator. It opens the small airways in the lungs which helps consolidate the mucus. With smoking the bronchodilator effect is countered by the irritants in the smoke which tend to close those airways. Strain shouldn't have anything to do with it.
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  4. wow very interest. that sounds like something great for the lungs!
  5. If you have healthy lungs it wouldn't matter. If you have a lung disease then taking THC edibles could be helpful.
  6. Well i thought all smokers lungs are somewhat unhealthy.... Like I dont have COPD right now but then again a lot of heavy smokers have some symptoms of COPD even if they dont have the full diagnosis. Like you dont just get COPD overnight, its a process, am I right?
  7. You're spot on friend. COPD can take many years to develop to the point it's noticeable.
  8. That would be a misunderstanding. Chronic "tobacco smokers," of course. Regardless, the human pulmonary system has evolved to work in a particulate-laden breathing environment. I suspect people sitting in freeway traffic inhale more daily particulate than the pack-a-day cigarette smoker toking away on his front porch in rural nowheresville. The big difference is chemicals in tobacco smoke paralyze the cilia in your lungs, making them less efficient. Eventually a tipping point is reached where the body's natural lung cleansing process cannot keep up and things like COPD, lung cancer, etc. start popping up.
  9. I couldn't find this info elsewhere. Can you show source? Interesting stuff tho thanks.

    But abut the free way thing, that air is like no where near as condensed as actual smoke due to it quickly spreading to the atmosphere. its not just goign to stay hovering at ground height.
  10. The effects of cigarette smoke are pretty well documented, so not sure why you aren't finding it. You can disagree with the freeway analogy all you like. Cars are continuously churning up tons of dust and people sitting in it are taking it in every single breath. Simple fact. Why do you think they started installing cabin filters in vehicles over the past couple decades? It wasn't because Dad's farts are unbearable, but helps with that too.
  11. You could Google cigarette smoke paralyzes cilia.
  12. Inhaling any smoke including cannabis is not healthy for the lungs. Sure theres worse but inhaling burnt carbons is not healthy
  13. Life is not healthy for lungs in alot of people living and working in dirty environments. Anyone who wants to argue about that needs to specify exactly what environment, substance, concentration, method of inhalation and some other specifics before any real comparison can be drawn.

    Not gonna bicker about generalities with somebody who does not even understand the issue.
  14. I'm not arguing. Theres absolutely nothing to argue about. Inhaling burnt carbons is not healthy. Never was, never will be
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  15. So what? Your statement, has nothing to do with the topic of this thread. I have no idea why I even opened your spoiler. Won't make that mistake again. Why don't you go troll somewhere else?
  16. It's a definition thing. What does healthy mean? Inhaling smoke isn't healthy but it's not necessarily harmful either. As long as our lungs defenses aren't overwhelmed they'll be fine inhaling dirty air but we don't know exactly how much is too much until there's a problem so we do the best we can and hope for the best.
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  17. #17 killset, Aug 13, 2019
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2019
    My statement was a reply to your statement so you must be saying your statement has nothing to do with the thread then I guess. I'm not trolling you bud. Sorry a simple post got you crying but that's not my problem, nor does that make me a troll.

    Its funny how when someone gets upset the first pathetic thing they do is start in on the troll weak asf I made 2 simple posts before this one, neither one of which attacked you. That is by no means trolling. Just because people disagree doesnt make them a troll or I could say the same of you I guess...
  18. @killset statement has nothing to do with this thread? he was literally addressing the 3 paragraphs that you wrote?

    and all he said was inhaling any kind of smoke isn't good for you... which is true, Inhaling smoke/carbon of any kind is bad for you... which pretty well falls inline with your point that inhaling any kind of particulate is unhealthy?

    I'm not really sure what your disagreement or issue is??? know what I'm sayin?

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  19. After spending 4 weeks in hospital with pneumothorax (collapsed lung) and making more than 10 photos of my lungs - specialists told me that smoking weed damages your lungs in different way than tobacco. Not more, not less, but smoking weed damages your lungs. No matter how or what, every smoke you inhale damages your lungs. Back in the days I smoked up to 3 grams a day. Now I'm only on edibles, but there is no edible, weed, hash or whatever what cleans your lungs. Never heard of that and if someone told you this, ask him if he still know his own name. Probably he/she dont.

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