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  1. Milk or no milk?
  2. Milk. And a shit ton of sugar.
  3. fruity pebbles=milk

    cinnamon toast crunch=no milk
  4. cereal.. with milk.
  5. Who the fuck eats cereal with no milk?
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    No joke.
  7. Cornflakes and icy cold milk mmmmm
  8. Toddlers also shit themselves, I was talking about people who are capable of putting milk in their cereal.
  9. Mine with a side of

  10. usually with milk, unless its the honeycomb cereal. ill eat that stuff all day ever day, no milk needed.
  11. i remember i was watching tv and one of the 49ers defensive backs (i think) said he eats his cereal with water

    all i could think was "WTF MAN YOU NASTY"
  12. right here brah

  13. literally evey toddler ive seen eats cheerios dry
  14. Reminds me of "Friday" "You better put some water on that damn shit!"
  15. reeses puff or w.e can eat them all day with out milk high

    but...yea i usually always use milk lol

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