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  1. Hey all

    It has been a while since I have posted and I need to get around to posting all the budshots I have been taking.

    Anyway...I recently ran across this site called CentSports. Basically they give you 10 cents to start out with and you bet on any of your favorite teams in soccer, MLB, UFC, NHL, NBA, NCAA and NFL all during their seasons.

    This site is great because all the money is sponsored by advertisers(much like ChaCha). Also, you can never owe money. Once you achieve the goal of having $10 or more, then you can cash out. However, there have been people to make over $100 or more.

    http://www.centsports.com/?opcode=415228 follow the link and start betting. If you follow the link then I am able to make 5% of every bet you win at no extra cost to you.

    Check it out guys.

    P.S. This really isn't a scam. Do some research if you really want to know for yourself.
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