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Central Florida -- Purple and Honey Dew

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by samelevel, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. Picked these up a couple of days ago. Very, very good stuff. Even a good price too... 160 for a half ounce (a quarter of each.)

    Let me know what you think.

    Attached Files:

  2. nice nugs, im in south florida and we had this purple going around a month ago that was just like that
  3. I cant tell, which one is the purple?
  4. nice looking stuff there. where in central florida are you at?

  5. The one on the right. Great lookin' nug.

  6. He must've been kidding lol
  7. very nice, n good job on splittin the O, i always hate it when ur like this O is great and half way thru your already building tolorance to it, nice to have something to switch it up with:D
  8. I picked this up close to Full Sail and UCF.

    Supposedly, this was a FedEx delivery from California.
  9. That bud looks so dank.
  10. ....:p
  11. A friend of mine is supposed to to be getting a dank pickup... he said it might be purp. If this is what's goin around I sure hope he gets it. You don't happen to live near the 386 area do you? Thats where I'm at.
  12. Oh my...

    The second picture looks amazing. Absolutely dank. :smoking:

    How does it toke, bro?
  13. that honey dew bud looks mouthwatering..thx for posting the pics.
  14. niceeeeeeeee. florida always got some good shyt no matter who i talk to. those nugs r straight fiyahhhhhh. nice pickup dude. 1
  15. :D

    Dank nug man.
  16. Looks like they'll do the job.:yay:
  17. Lol, pretty sure thats from my friend, somewhere down the line. He had Grape Ape and Sexy and that looks exactly like both of them. The Grape Ape is definitely superior, imo. He has them sent here from a medical club in Cali. I live in SWFL, i believe your info is correct...

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