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Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by TheGreenAvenger, Mar 17, 2010.

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    Hey y'all - gonna be starting up my first grow soon :hello: . I'm concerned, however, of pests, specificially centipedes. Now, I know house centipedes are generally harmless and good to have around - I figured the same for my garden, they'll probably eat any bugs that would go after the plant. But, ok so, I fuckin' hate them though haha. I'm gonna be starting a small grow, its going to be in speaker cabinet that has just about 1 sq. ft. of floor space. It's like 38 inches tall, can't remember exactly, I'll have to check on what I wrote down. I plan on starting seperate threads for my grow soon with pics and such.

    Anyway, onto the topic at hand. So, a couple years back I tried to germinate a seed in a coffee pot --- it was in my closet in darkness. Well the fucker sprouted, grew a long stem about a 5 inches or more or less in length (I never actually measured it - I might've but you'll hear why I didn't soon), it stressed itself and grew over the side of the coffee can and had one little leaf on the end. Well, unfortunately the little germinating seedling was neglected in its first few days of life. I uncovered it I dunno, a few days to a week after the seed was planted - picked up the pot and was "Woah, shii" (to the plant) then, suddenly, one of my worst natural enemies (I feel I was afraid of them more then than now) -- fuckin CENTIPEDES. I'm like SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII and throw the container down and like there at least 2 of them in/on the can. I fuckin run out of my room basically screaming. My older sister who was over at the time came in and took the can and threw it in a garbage bag. I didn't want anything to do with that shit lol (plant had no hope either).

    Now, the soil had kinda dried in the coffee container and kind of compacted in on itself, and there was a little enclave on the side of the pot. Now, I think maybe perhaps they were just simply attracted to the soil, the narrow spot, and dark, possibly still somewhat moist and/or was moist a few days before - I never even thought of the moistness until now unless I forgot that I thought of it as being a factor too that could attract them. Well anyway, my sister and her boyfriend then/now husband and I were all talking about it, and they're like 'Yeah, those fuckin glenco bugs - that's what we used to call them, glenco bugs because at X's house in glenco he would grow a lot of plants and centipedes were all over the place - I think they're attracted to the growing pot.' and then my brother-in-law proceedes to say something along the lines of 'Yeah man, its great waking up with one of them running accros your face' and Im just all like :eek:

    Ok, so my really, the whole point of this fucking thread, well the main point, it serves secondary purposes of me getting my first post out there, and also stating my plans for my grow cabinent, but mostly this thread is to ask about centipedes. Like I said, fuckin' hate 'em. I'm sure a lot of you do to.

    So, I was wondering, any growers out there find that household centipedes were attracted to your grow? Are centipedes really specifically known for being attracted to growing pot plants, or is that just perhaps just lore of my inlaw saying that, not that I don't think they really believed it, but maybe the guy just had a lot of centipedes in his place and grew pot? 2 coexisting events not causing each other. Well, maybe just the plain plant life attracted them? I dunno, you see what gets me wondering is like, there was more than 1 (I think) centipedes - when they get hold up somewhere, like my theory was they were attracted to the thin space on the walls of the coffee container where the soil contracted inward when it dried and that it was a spot they wanted to chill at or whatever. But like, I read centipedes will kill each other if like another comes under its rock or some shit. Were they mating? :eek:

    I wanna start this grow up, and I'm going to regardless of the centipede risk and/or if I even get a definitive answer on this. But I really want to know. Like, are they gonna be attracted to my plant growing in that small space? I would think probably the intense light would repel them from staying/even entering the grow cabinet. But the light will turn off, I wanted to do like a 18/6 schedule for veg or something, but Im willing to do 24 hrs if it will keep the centipedes away lol :smoke:

    But nonetheless, they will go off in flowering, so there will be moist soil in an enclosed dark area - with a (hopefully) dank plant growing - so if they're attracted to marijuana, or just plant life/soil and moisture, do you think I will have a problem? It's getting into spring/summer so I figure I they will be coming out more/mating/somehow getting into the house. A lot of times I catch them on the walls or they'll just be fuckin running accross the floor or chillin' there, I figure if theres a grow cabinent in the middle of the room, that will be completely dark and moist with soil and shit, gosh, they have to want to fucking go in there under natural instinct I would think.

    It's like, fuck man, I just don't want to have to deal with them with my grow. Fuckin' openin up my cabinet to check on my baby and have a fuckin centipede crawl out onto my hand! Like I said, I guess I'd still be willing to grow regardless, but I'd like to at least know what I'm up against. And I guess I shouldn't kill them if they come, right? Like they'll fuckin' probably eat the spiders and mites and shit that fuck with my plant but I don't think the centipedes themselves are herbivoric. But I dunno, if centipedes will definitely be attracted I feel like I might be into trying some repellent method... some kind of essential oil around the grow box or some ultrasonic/infrasonic tone or some shit haha I dunno but like I said, me and I'm pretty sure most of the rest of the world hate centipedes. Who likes those fuckers?
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    Centipedes are carnivorous. Millipedes eat decaying plant matter. Centipedes like moisture and eat bugs so make sure you keep your plants bug-free by using a bug trap that u empty often. Millipedes are a whole different story, they are attracted by light and eat stuff from your soil and/or your plant if they get hungry, never had to deal with one or the other kind but I understand why you don't want them around.

    If you think you have problems though take a read: Village blackout to foil invasion of millipedes - Times Online


    LOL at the previous post :p
  3. I seen this too in soil I just got from the store, How about the microwave? I was just going to be a great American and Nuke em' cup by cup. but with my luck i would probubly get a bunch of green muscle bound pissed off bugs. are the good or bad?
    they are small about 2 centi' and fast. and the soil was kind of full of them.
  4. alright soo i found a bunch of those little Centipede fuckers inside the netting thingy i had my plant in. i killed everyone i found must of been about 30, there probably more to:/ will they kill my plant?? :(
  5. Hmmmm interesting I found a dead yellow jacket just Laying on a leaf in my room no clue how he got there.

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