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  1. can u post pics of your grow room, i want to make 1 just like yours so i want to see how is looks on the inside and outside, also what suplices ill need and where to get them......thanks for your help :)
  2. yea i saw that but the pics kinda sucked
  3. i thought they were ok, maybe his camera isnt very good
  4. Sorry i havent been round lately boyz,
    yeah them pics kinda sucked cos i took em with my webcam which is shit,
    I fixed my fuji though and its workin perfect again,
    Ill post sum new pics today and explain wot i done and wot i used...etc
    U should make ure design kinda flexible cos u mightn't find da same box
    or whatever so u would be better off designing everything else round da box first.
    find a box that good for you,paint it white on the inside and black on da outside,stick a fan in it to suck out hot air,put another hole in it to let cold air in,stick sum compact flouro's or flouro's in it (if u plan to flower in this box too i'd definitely recommend sum side lighting as well later on to give more penetration, or maybe a sog/scrog set-up)
    when u cut a hole in da box for the exhaust fan make sure to cover the edge of the hole in a flexible rubber of sum sort to lessen the rigidness of the bond, which will lower vibrations and noise dramatically.
    Also make sure the intake hole is twice as big as da outake hole cos it lowers the velocity of the incoming air which again reduces noice.
    if ure using CFL's then a soda can makes a good cheap reflector,look at og.
    Ill post pics anyway later on bud,
    Cya in da fog!

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