cellophane rolling papers

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  1. Anybody ever use these? they feel so much smoother than regular rollies, but are harder to roll i find. what do you guys think of them?:smoke:
  2. I have! I used trips. Little skeptical at first but after I used one I loved it. Harder to roll than normal papers that's for sure.
  3. I thought they were called cellulose papers?
    other than that, I've used them before, and it seems I'm able to roll these better than my normal papers
  4. Hard to fuckin' roll, work good.
  5. Ya wanna know a little fun fact?

    Well Back in the day I used to grind up the wrapping that firework bricks came in with my teeth, Idk why but it was one of those weird habits. well anyway I did the same with a clear rolling paper and it turned out to be the same thing. I ended up cutting out a blunt sized portion of my firecracker brick I just bought, rolled it up (rolled it so the weed was secure like 1/4 of the way up the wrap then licked it to kinda stick it worked AMAZINGLY) and it smoked great. So if you are ever in need of papers and you have some fireworks laying around still wrapped, make sure it isn't plastic and you can add that to a desperate times, desperate measures wrap lol.
  6. theyre cool, havent used em in a qhile

  7. they look cool and taste good but idk i find them really harsh
  8. I like them a lot. They are a little harder to work with but they stay put and you can even get them wet and they're fine.

    They're definitely the most indestructible rolling paper I use.
  9. I guess my friend sucked at rolling them because that thing went out every three seconds
  10. They burn slow and need to be relit if your J is not perfectly rolled or you are hitting it slowly. They also crackle and pop sometimes.
  11. There's my problem. It definitely wasn't perfect and no one was ripping it 'cause it was a small group smoking. They've been in my center console for a while now... I wonder if any have melted together, yet.
  12. i like the kingpin klear blunts, made from plant cellouse

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