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Celebrating suicide: Aaron's last wish

Discussion in 'General' started by rain dancer, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. Aaron's Wish | Donating to Make Aaron's Wish Happen

    I'm sure many of you have seen the video that went viral last week about the waitress that gets a 500 dollar tip from strangers at a pizza place. It was heartwarming to say the least and it has led to the media plastering the video everywhere.
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jP-TOI1mO0A&sns=em]Aaron's Last Wish - A $500 Tip For Pizza - YouTube[/ame]

    Intrigued by this sad story about a dying man's last wishes I went to google, wondering what exactly had killed this man. As a person with a terminal illness, also in my twenties, I've got a soft spot for sick people.

    So I googled simply, "Aaron Collins cause of death" and there it was. He committed suicide around his 30th birthday by strangling himself, and his will, written in his early twenties asked that he give someone 500 dollars as a big tip.

    Even with the coroner's result in as suicide, his family has spun the story about a dying man's last wish, and the news has even reported in a single sentence among paragraphs that his family doesn't believe he'd kill himself (denial).

    I wouldn't have a problem if it had stopped there. Instead, his family has setup a bunch of websites to take donations in his honor. It has been reported that he didn't have much money and as his family says in the video "he couldn't afford to take care of himself." then you add the "dying man's last wish" and you've got a terminally ill guy who was a victim of the system, all implied of course with a unique and misleading use of words.

    Problem is, his story never mentions an illness, and none of the donation sites list a cause of death or an illness, but instead talks about how he wasn't a material person and never stayed in one place too long, leading us to logically assume he never achieved much, which isn't a big deal either.

    What IS a big deal is that they've made 30k in the last few days. This Aaron guy is being touted a hero, a martyr for terminal illness and a victim of the healthcare industry. Even in the articles and news columns the comments are all mislead, bleeding hearts, giving their money freely with only half the story.

    If it makes no difference to you, so be it.

    Here's some excerpts:

    My only goal is to give you the full story, and now you have it.
  2. I wish I could say what I want to do to his family.
  3. inb4 Aaron Collins "hang in there" demotivational poster
  4. It's also worth mentioning they're not profiting off of his death that we're aware of, besides collecting money on YouTube hits. They're going to use donation money to give more video recorded tips, however, since they haven't been forthcoming about the reality of his death, I wouldn't trust giving them a donation.
  5. So have they ever actually claimed he had a terminal illness? I don't see why his last wish should be discredited because it was a suicide. And "celebrating suicide" ? If anything, they're trying to ignore the cause of death and just honor his will regardless, which you showed by the family's failure to list the cause of death on the websites. And from what I understand, all the money is going towards repeating the $500 tip event.
  6. But his will didn't say give a $500 tip every time they go out. It said give someone, not multiple people. So he wanted this to happen once. Sounds like his family found a way to turn it into a scam and get tons of money.
  7. Dude this kid died where i lived with no explanation on friday, he wasnt a good friend of mine but everyone knew him. Ive chilled at his house and smokd with him before, he was such a great kid... Its really sad he died, he was always way younger than everyone, but he didnt really act it. People said he died from overdose.. Its so sad when someone you know dies, especially young..

  8. I wouldn't trust giving them donations either! You know they aren't going to use all the money for tips, at first they might but it will stop eventually!
  9. Oh I didn't know there was a copy of the will available, as well as financials showing that they are lying and siphoning off money to themselves. Could you throw those up here for the rest of us?

  10. Spend fifteen seconds and read the OP?
  11. Celebrating suicide brings a different tone to the story don't you agree?

    Much like, "dying mans last wish" brings a unique tone as well.

    How is it not a celebration of suicide when they're taking donations for a suicide and using the donations to make a dead man famous? While at the same time not telling the people they're taking money from that he committed suicide and painting him as a victim?

    Also, if they collect any money on YouTube for all the hits they receive, they're profiting from his death, directly. They weren't even honest with the waitress in the video. They're not even being honest with themselves.

    Go read some of the comments and it will be clear if it's not. And when was the last time you saw donations result from someone killing themselves. The story is b.s.

    The impact on people lives isn't fake, but I believe people would be less likely to take money if they openly said, "here's a 500 dollar tip from my brother. He committed suicide earlier this month and his will, not his dying wish, stated that we're to give away a 500 dollar tip to an unsuspecting waiter/waitress. So here you are." what's so hard about being honest? It wouldn't come back to bite you later That's for sure.
  12. According to the top comment of that video he died of cancer lol.

  13. According to the coroner that did his autopsy, he died of self strangulation. Official cause of death is suicide.

  14. For a moment I thought your post was about Aaron. I was like, wait a minute haha....

  15. Yeah I know that's why I put lol. Now it's not just the family in denial.
  16. Hmmm, I didn't realize the coroner's report was out? According to CNN his death is being investigated, same thing goes when you call Lexington Police dept and ask for information. I was under the impression that they hadn't ruled either way yet. You must have a really good source on the inside...

  17. Nope. I just comprehend what I read. Must be that higher education:smoke:
  18. I'm setting up a website to take donations, too. The address be on the site. Oh - donate buds only. I'll make sure they go to a good cause.
  19. I don't really know what to say about this story, I don't think he would approve of the way his family is taking it though.
  20. Op, just wondering are you SURE that its the same Aaron collins? Sounds simple but it could be a mistake?

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