Cedit Card Required?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Wish_I_Was_In_Amsterdam, Feb 28, 2001.

  1. I was shopping around the shop and picked out a bong I would like to buy(Reference #pb40-3) but I dont know if I need a cedit card, granted your not going to send me a bong without paying but would I be able to send cash and just trust you'll send me one or what?
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  2. Hi Wish,

    Sorry , but we only do creditcard, it's such a hassle with checks, moneyorders and stuff, creditcard is safe,fast and secured for your own protection of valuable data, and you get your stuff on time. Sorry I cannot accept other currencies, I'm waiting on a paypal solution.


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  3. Oh well, I hate to say it but I'll have to take my bussiness to the HighTimes Shop in London ONT. It's too bad they're so damn expensive, you guys are cheaper even after all the taxes & S&H.Let me know about that paypal thing so I can pick up some bongs and pipes from The Shop.
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  4. I'll let you know, when we will have other payments methods :)

    peace SJ

    enjoy the smke from the London shop!
  6. Hey KodaJake,

    Is there any other Marijuana related shops in London other then the hightimes one, if so then what do you think of them?(Better or worse then Higtimes)
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  7. :D I do not use them, so i really dont know. If u would like, I could look into it for u. Is there anything in particular ur looking for? Or are ru just looking for shops?
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  8. I am just looking for shops because I was just going to buy a new bongs & pipes :D Thanks for taking a look.
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  9. High WiWiA...hope i'm not too late. check out <www.happypipes.com> they have some trippy pipes and accessories and they offer several different ways to pay. i'll be ordering from them soon. peace p
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  10. HEY EVERYBODY!!!would you look at this...the address i gave Wish_I_Was_In_Amsterdam has been deleted from my message. i'll try again...<www.happypipes.com>...happypipes :confused:
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  11. i dont have a credit card but if i could pay some other way, shit ide buy hella stuff from the coffeeshop. you have so much of what i want but i dont have a card.
  12. I hear ya deadhead, I hear ya!

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