CBS News Reporter busted with 11 plants

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  1. lol wut?
    "He added that the cultivation of pot isn't necessarily a victimless crime. He said residents who live nearby a house where large marijuana plants are being grown can often smell the drug, even if it is not burned."

    How is smelling a natural plant harming someone?
  2. Stories like this actually calm me down a bit. (Although I haven't really started growing--just germinating some seeds at the moment.) It calms me down because I realize that TONS of people grow. It also shows me that you only get caught if you do something wrong.

    The great thing about these stores in the press is that you can use it to improve your growing game. The newspapers print how they got caught and what they did, and you can use that information to prevent yourself from being caught. It's great.

  3. I understand that drdre... But at the same time I bet this reporter thought he was doing everything correctly. The report said he got busted at his posh pad, so I'd expect that he probably had a lot of acreage. A stinking nosy neighbor really screwed this guy over. But other than that what did anyone learn from this guy? Don't grow outside?
  4. Well, I guess you could learn to have a relationship with your neighbors so that you know they won't fuck you in the ass. Also it came from a tip. So just another reason to make the grow on the down low; don't tell anyone at all.

    My theory is that theoretically you could do everything right so that it will be impossible for you to be caught. Kinda like the bank robbery in Inside Man, or the heist in Ocean's 11. Every scenario thought of. The perfect plan.
  5. While that sucks, it doesn't really freak me out. I live in a pretty large townhouse. There is one other residence attached to mine. I do not smoke anything inside, heck I don't even cook in my house, its ALL outside (I live off my grill). No one knows that I grow except for the three friends who this grow is for (I dont smoke). My neoghbors smoke inside and I can smell it from time to time, I highly doubt that even if they could smell what I have going on (doubtful) that they would do anything about it.
  6. CBS radio correspondent, wife charged in marijuana case
    Here is the actual link.. The one you put is just talking about that guys take on what the cops did as to whether or not they should have busted them..

    I'll agree that it actually calms me down when I read things like this.. I mean I feel sorry for the man and his family, but it teaches me where people go wrong. I mean he shouldn't have grown outside on his own property to begin with especially that many plants.. If he wanted to do an outdoor grow he should have at least done a guerrilla grow or less plants, but anyone with relatively close neighbors should know better..

    Neighbors are nosey and never know he may of just happened to mention it to the wrong person.. If you notice a tip was given by a close resident.. Besides they were not very stealthy at all with this and they seemed to be greedy with the amount of plants they had. I mean they had 11 full grown plants and 12 ounces of weed already in bags.. How would you expect to control that smell outdoors? Thats probably what "tip" they recieved if not from someone they happened to mention it too, but the smell is my first guess..

    If they wanted to be stealthy they could have done so many things different.. They didn't think it through.. They put it out in the open.. Got greedy.. Bound to happen eventually..

    If anything I feel somewhat safer after reading this mainly because I'm not greedy.. I just want some free personal.. I'm indoors.. No one knows except me and the boy and he's not speaking.. He's glad he has a girl that enjoys weed as much as him I think haha..

    For me closest neighbors not family are kinda far away and across a street.. Biggest worry would be bringing in stuff for the grow, but so far they have showed 0 interest. Although I'm growing 3 unknown bagseed now when I get my seeds in most are low odor.. I think that's a little more thought out than hey.. I have some land.. I'll just put them on the hill for all to see..

    Smell and telling people.. Thats why most growers get caught.. Exception are those stupid enough to get in trouble with the cops for something else like stealing and then the cops stumble on their grow.. Gotta keep a low profile in this hobby.. Sorry so long, but I like to type when I'm stoned haha..
  7. 11 plants in the yard of their house? Then they were not clandestine growers...
  8. This gets me so angry. Especially what that councilman said... what a fucking idiot. God makes me wanna shake my head, face palm, kick his face, and cry at the same time.
  9. Don't let the fictional movies get to ya. Obviously fake im sure you know that but everytime I watch a movie like that I think just a hair short and they coulda fucked up there day.

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