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CBD Question

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by PilkyHigh, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. I've heard that eating Marijuana edibles is the best way to benefit from CBD. Is this true or not?

  2. CBD is hard to find in medical cannabis. Most have much less than 1% CBD.

  3. Clinton ,

    From what i gathered, Medical Cannabis is just the same as any other type of weed when looking for CBD. It seems that THC breaks down into CBD. The longer you let a plant mature before picking, the more CBD it will produce. The earlier you stop a grow, the less amount of CBD. If you wait and harvest a little bit later, it should have much more CBD. I`m no expert, so im curious as to what you think about this clinton. Thanks in advance!

  4. The genetic sequence which creates THC is switchable to create CBD. Since medical growers have selected high THC producers - those plants produce much less CBD.

    There is about 8% CBD in industrial hemp. If I had seeds of this I would grow it to extract the oils. There is one medical strain called catalyst which has 5% CBD.

  5. Do you need THC to create CBD? If yes, couldnt you process a high THC plant by letting it mature longer into a high CBD plant?

  6. I am not an expert in genetics, but I have a friend who is. He claims that the degradation of THC to CBD is a myth. I think he is correct.

    I would breed a hemp plant with a medical strain to increase the natural CBD while still providing a high.

  7. I believe this is incorrect. Medical marijuana is no different than recreational marijuana, except that most medical weed is indica, (which actually means more CBD) and it is grown to be more potent in THC, which dosen't necessarily mean it is lacking CBD.

    I can't say for sure, though.
  8. Thank you for all the replies. But my original question still hasn't been answered.
  9. It's just that I heard smoking the cannabis, is burning (heating up) the THC which you need for the high, whereas you're benefiting more from the CBD with edibles where it's baked rather than burnt withing a few seconds.

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