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  1. I really didn't know where to ask this question.
    I recently bought a bottle of tincture. It is really disgusting by the way. I typically stick it in my coffee and under my tongue. My question is can I mix it with some of my lotion and rub it into my body? It is oil based so I don't know how messy it will be. Any help topic would be awesome.

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  2. Yes, more effective in small areas. Apply generously.
  3. Do I put it in the lotion that I use daily or can I just rub it in plain.

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  4. You don't have to mix with any lotion. But depending on the oil it may stain your skin a bit, and it will take a few moments to absorb. It will also likely leave a slight residue, I just wipe the area clean after 15 mins but I have no idea if I'm wiping away potential meds. I like to think anything important has already penetrated the upper layer of skin after a short time.

    You will just have to experiment, everyone has different experiences! Good luck
  5. Thanks for the help!

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  6. I've used Charlotte's Web Everyday by cw hemp. Was not mixing with anything. I can't call it tasty but still not very disgusting.
  7. CBD juices is save and this juices typically has very little microbes of THC. so is perfectly safe and you don't have to freak out about taking a test you're these types of products.
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