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CBD Tinctures CBD oil extraction help?!

Discussion in 'CBD Oil' started by mattskeee, Jul 22, 2019.

  1. Hello all! On my first grow of CBD strains to make oil/tincture for anxiety/pain.

    My question is around harvesting - do I need to completely dry and cure like normal, before I start the extraction process, either by infusion or ethanol extraction (I haven't decided yet) or can I start the process with freshly harvested still wet buds? And should I also include the leaf in this process, or flowers only?


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  2. Moisture content when processing fresh harvest can be problematic in some cases. Google “sweetsue fho” and you’ll probably find some good info on oil infusion.

    I’ve done ethanol extracted tinctures with fresh harvest successfully. You’ll have to do a complete evaporation after the extraction to completely eliminate the moisture content and then reconstitute to desired potency. Don’t forget to decarb.

    Trim and sugar leaves are good for tincture but fan leaves bring nothing to the party.
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  3. Thanking you muchly!

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