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CBD myths

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by bkarnaze, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. According to cannabis authority Dr. Ethan Russo (at this spot in a video ) CBD is not sedating, a result arrived at by doing sleep studies. That matches my experience and the experiences of a handful of other people I've given it to. For me, it's EXTREMELY energizing, so much so that I can't sleep well if I use it. This would mean, for example, that high cbd white widow isn't as good for sleep as regular white widow, all other factors being the same.

    I wonder how many other cannabis components are misunderstood, especially terpenes.
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  2. I'm my experience it is sedating in larger doses. Does it energize you even in higher doses, and are you using it alone or in conjunction with THC or whole plant?
  3. I've tried both high cbd strains, and cbd oil from hemp, with similar effects. My fuzzy recollection is that my cbd dose was around 20 mg. I've never tried microdoses or massive doses. I know this is healthy stuff, but need to figure out a way to use it. Eventually I'll be trying some Barney's Farm heavy indica autos that have around 2% cbd, and maybe they'll work.
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    I would love to get my hands on a cbd indica, unfortunately my dispensary doesn't have much to work with in that matter. What I do is vaporize all at once, about .2grams of AC/DC at 22%cbd and about 1%thc. If my math is correct that's about 440mg of cbd, and that sedates me pretty well. Try a higher dose, and try it with whole plant, AC/DC is good for this since it has such a low THC %.
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  5. I think people confuse CBD with CBN
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  6. I just tried some CBD isolate vaped and I gotta say it has been very interesting. I am stoked as I already take quite a bit of indica based THC cannacaps for pain and it has helped quite a bit with any residual anxiety but I would be worried about sleep, especially with a night time dose. If it could help me enjoy sativa heavy strains again that would be tight, I have been avoided them for a long time for just that reason.
  7. i got cbd vape liquid and it kept me up all night after using it. it might depend on cbd from sativa or cbd from indica but idk

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