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Discussion in 'CBD Oil' started by mtam12, Nov 30, 2022.

  1. Hey gang. I just finished drying my wife's ACDC CBD. I use one of those circle nets with compartments. I hung it in the unused bathroom with exhaust fan on and circulation fan for about 10 days.

    Question - do the attached buds look like they have mold? I haven't seen it before so any help would be appreciated. I plan to only use these buds to make CBD gummies.

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  2. Yeah that's mold alright.

    I don't know what can be done with moldy bud,
    but someone will hopefully have a suggestion.
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  3. mold or mites either way they look pretty bad
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  4. OK thanks. Odd these are the only ones with the issue.
  5. I didn't see any more on the total of 11 ounces. If I missed any do you think its a health issue making gummies?
  6. UVC light emits a deadly ozone that kills everything single celled
    Buy a UV-C light put weed and light in a cardboard box for 1 hr.
    end of fungus and insect larva.
    UV-C light will blind all animals.
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  7. #7 BrassNwood, Nov 30, 2022
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2022
    Yes that IS mold.

    Hang until the buds start to firm up.


    The small stuff should yank strip but the bigger nugs will need to be snipped free. Chop everything into thumb to golf ball sized nugs.


    Lay it out in shade during the day.


    Closed up in a bucket or other air snug container overnight. Out again the next day. Keep it agitated by stirring it up several times a day to keep it drying evenly. Yours molded because it was left in one position for the 10 days I'll bet.

    Since your going to decarb it at 250 F for 50 minutes then process it in hot oil at 220 F for another 30 minutes or longer any remaining mold should be dead and harmless in the digestive tract. Discard any visibly infected material.

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  9. Is there a certain wattage UVC light I should get? I saw one on amazon for $20, just not sure that is good enough. Thx for the advice.
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  10. Thanks for the thorough advise!! Appreciate it.
  11. That's like polishing a turd.
  12. Post link please to UV-C light .
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  13. However, if you're concerned about it, it's always better to err on the side of caution. Mold can be harmful if consumed, so it's important to make sure your buds are mold-free before using them for CBD gummies. I would suggest getting a second opinion from someone experienced in identifying mold on cannabis buds, or even consider consulting a professional in the field. It's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your health. Good luck with your CBD gummies!

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