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CBD Oil CBD isolate and entourage effects

Discussion in 'CBD Oil' started by plantme, Nov 3, 2022.

  1. hey. i ordered a good amount of cbd isolate 99.9% powder. planning to mix it into mct oil when it arrives in 2 days or so.

    i understand that adding terpines and/or other cannabinoids can result in a synergy effect with the cbd (entourage effect). other than thc (which is illegal where i live), what are some others i can add to my cbd isolate oil for some entourage effects/differenct effects?
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  2. Might try adding some terpene isolate, can be found online.
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    If you intend to consume them, discussing this topic with a specialist and a doctor with more knowledge in this domain is better. Of course, there are many recipes you can find online, but that doesn't mean that they will work for everybody or that they are safe. Moreover, you can check different websites like HHCP Distillate For Sale | HHCP Bulk | Buy HHCP Online. They have some products that will make you understand this area better, and you can purchase them directly without making any mixtures at home.
  4. docs do not know anything hardly about cannabis . they would offer Epidiolex as the only thing they know .

    @plantme late post here but for making edibles terpenes are not as important and could upset the persons stomach ... when used to make the oil for vapor then terpenes add flavor etc...

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