Cbd = 1.5% Cbn = 0.4%

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  1. I was looking at some seeds and noticed something besides THC content. Others mentioned were CBD and CBN, can someone explain to me what it is and if its better to have more of one than another??? thankss:smoke:
  2. the cbn's amd cbd's starts later in th flowering time of a plant, mostly when the trichomes start to turn amber. If you want a body high, harvest your platn when it has more cbn and cbd's. U want a head high harvest it earlier and it has a more pure THC content.
  3. Those are the cannabanoid contents. Cannabanoids are what give you a stoney narcotic high.
  4. read this:

    it is probably one of the best scientific references for the lay person.

    read what he says about the last few weeks! pick it now if you want weed that have not reaches its' potential

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