CB-1 weight gain.

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  1. Just saw a commercial for this stuff and looked it up. Supposedly the only ingredient is echinacea, but why call it "cb"? Its hard to find info on this, but does anyone know if this medicine contains cannabinoids...as I suspect?
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    The CB is right, but wrong number! Echinacea mostly activates the CB2 receptors (no high, but useful medically). Some of the compounds are partial agonists ( makes them work poorly and they may "hog" the receptor) for CB1 receptors (the high and more), while others are inverse antagonists which bind to a receptors like an agonist, but cause the opposite of the normal effect!
    Alkamides and a neolignan from Echinacea purpurea roots and the interaction of alkamides with G-protein-coupled cannabinoid receptors.                 (abst – 2011) http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21764086
    Both partial and inverse agonist compounds for cannabinoid (CB1) receptors were identified among the metabolites, characterized by weak to moderate interactions with the G-protein signaling mechanisms.
    And I just checked at PubMed- there are all of 7 studies on "echinacea weight gain" ("marijuana" has 19,543!).  Those 7 report that in pigs, chicks and tilapia fish adding echinacea in various forms cause a slight weight gain. I think you would do better adding a healthy, high calorie food to your diet to gain weight. Nuts are a yummy and calorie-filled choice! :yay:
    Frankly hon, most of those "Miracle powders" are just a plain old rip-off!  Look at the price per pound, then check out the price at the nearest big health food store where they sell bulk herbs, or even places like Puritan's Pride. Save your money for weed! :smoke:
  3. So basically your better off smoking weed to kick start the munchies.

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