CAUTION!! N.E growers killer trees

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by masssmoker420, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. aye for you new englanders i woke up this morning with a nice 5ft lady that had a branch fall on her and cut the plant in half like theres no cola anymore.... watch out for dead trees or anything that can fall on them.. its a sad sad thing.. otherwise i hope your ladies are loving this downpours followed by the sun:wave::wave:
  2. This weather Has been great except for that week when it was like 100 and dry as a bone. Try moving your plants to a more open area in the future hahah mines in my feild and nothings falling on her out there!
  3. Hey I'm kinda new to growing I'm from NE when dose flowering usually start thanks man
  4. these fuckin winds n these thunderstorms are knockin all my plants over fucking them up..
  5. masssmoker, are your plants guerrilla or in your hard? Potted or in the ground?
  6. all in pots ranging from different sizes.. i cleared out a huge crop cirlce in the woods cut madd trees down and what not.. go there in the morning and the heavy rains fuckd them all up.. i had some that were tipped over, some have missing nods.. is a mess almost wanted to

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