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  1. Do not use bud aroma!!!! I have orderd $81 in seeds a month ago and when they actually did reply back to email they gave be bunk excuses fake tracking number that was delivered to Wyoming . Not my state . They won't reply to email phone or refund my money. I should have read before I used them. There not legit . Caution scam thiefs!!!!
  2. Yip said it in another thread, they even had most likely their owner trying to vouch for them. If it involved your bank, I'd request a refund.
  3. I've told them to refund my money multiple occasions, and they insisted that the problem was fixed and that thwy were going ro be shipped asap , that was 3 weeks ago. I'm going to contact my bank in the morning and report it as fraud it's about the only thing I can do i guess.
  4. yes I place an order about 28 days ago and 8 Days Later and give me a tracking number the tracking number was somewhere else across united states UPS track all way to Mount Vernon Ohio in a corn field GPS on Google Earth then they stop all communications with me never email me back whatsoever did not get my order I have read on another post that they did the same thing to them give them a tracking number ends up shipping somewhere different like I said
  5. Almost a month ago I ordered, trying to be cool at the 3 week mark I started inquiring where my order was and what the status was, nothing was ever responded to. Lousy Filth.
  6. these people are thieves! Ordered from em Sept 6th, it's now Dec10, DO NOT use these slimes unless you enjoy gettin ripped off!

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