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Cauliflower and cheese

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TheHempress, Apr 10, 2003.

  1. My mom made cauliflower soup for dinner tonight and she had some plain cauliflower left over, so I melted some cheez whiz and put it in there...I love this stuff! Oh man, I think I could live on cauliflower and cheese so much better than broccoli and cheese....sooo much better :D
  2. oi...damn im hungry

    oooh that'd be great for munchies \o/
  3. I love'em both.. I could be a vegitarian if I didn't like meat so much!!1

  4. Lol..My thoughts exactly.
  5. i think a mix of cauliflower and broccoli with cheese is the best:)
  6. I like cauliflower and broccoli is good fresh with ranch dressing! Add fresh carrots and I'm a happy person!!

  7. agreed! and give me my steak, BLOODY!

    cauliflower and chez brings me back to visiting grannys. she would always have this for dinner, I loved it! she would use american cheese, so I dunno about the whiz. Im gonna have to go with the american. but whatever kinda cheese you dig on your veggies, it still rocks :)
  8. I want my steak medium well.. I don't want no part of a blooody anything~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. lmao.

    i like it all RED. bright! at that!

    just stick a firecracker up that cows butt and we got ourselves a meal :)
  10. Ewwwww...Sensi! My red meat has to be almost burned for me to eat it. Whenever any of us grill out, it's always a joke about my meat having to hit the grill a lot sooner than anyone elses. If I cut it open and it's even slightly pink, it has to go back on there.

    I'm really into vege's but there's something about cauliflower that just isn't right. Broccoli is cool though. I must have had some weird experience with cauliflower at some point.

    I like artichoke hearts...YUMMMMMMMYYYY!!!!!
  11. lmao @ sensi

    i have to agree with rmjl on the coliflower thing, i only like it in soups really, or a chowder or something, but brocolli rules, and cheese is good on everything. except jello

  12. So your the one that just cuts a slice off as the cow walks by.. I can't even be in th same room with a person who is eating raw meat!!!!! I won't even step into a sushi bar!

  13. that what wrestling will doo to ya. ive seen some nasty ones too. mine barely noticable...thank god.

    by the way its a swelling of the sking on your ear from getting yuor head slammed on the mat alot. happens to boxers too.
  14. If we weren't supposed to eat animals then they shouldn't be made of meat.
  15. Personally, I like my steak WELL done...burnt slightly on the outside, and tender on the inside....::drools::

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