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  1. well it actually happened. i'm home from college for the summer and my parents caught me. now they are threatening to kick me out and stop helping me pay for school. fuck.
  2. story on how you got caught please?
  3. Yeah honestly.

    That's the only reason I read these threads.

  4. inb4tolerancebreak.. But whatever, man..
  5. i thought my parents were asleep so i started smoking a bowl out my window, turns out my mom was using the bathroom on this side of the house and spelt it. she came in with my dad so i stashed the pipe in my beanbag chair. i guess they saw me do it because they grabbed it. they're just so stupid because my dad says smoking will make you end up not doing anything in life, yet i got almost all A's this year studying mechanical engineering. also now HE'S the one threatening to not let me go back to school, which will make me end up less "accomplished" (to quote him). he told me no smokers were accomplished people and they all end up as pot heads not doing anything with their life.
  6. Tell them that
  7. aright im new to this and how the fuck do u post one of these????
  8. oh i did, they just wont listen
  9. quit smoking until this blows over, or just dont smoke in the house, that would be my backup plan if my parents tried that on me, talking alot helps too, try to get into a deep convo with them about it
  10. how are they going to say stoners have never accomplished anything. we get shit done!

  11. I hate when parents pull shit like that. I am studying to be an engineer too....(takin a year off now tho) and the funny thing is tho that my friend's dad is a mech a succesful one and he is right sick.....and I have smoked the sweet cheeba with this dude is already an engineer and has always been smoking weed....dude is succesfull....wish there was a way for your dad to know this...but if you went and quoted my story to your dad i doubt he would believe it lol.
  12. You need to straight up tell them that by discontinuing your schooling, he will be the one who is turning you into the pothead that does nothing with his life instead of a productive one.

    If he didn't go to college, it would also sting to throw out "yeah? well I smoke weed and get almost straight A's in college, what grades did you get?" That will more than likely shut him up.
  13. I second that.
  14. No offense dude, But you live in your parents home, And if they are paying for your schooling, You should probably respect there wishes. If they dont want you to toke in there home, Don't. Tell them that you respect there wishes and you wont smoke. And gets your edcation and just dont smoke in there house. You go to college man, Save the toking for there.
  15. It's just the principle of the thing. Fine about not smoking in the house, but beyond that he doesn't need to be babysat. And his dad better fuckin know it, especially if he's getting almost all A's in mechanical engineering. Sounds like someone needs to be taken down a couple pegs.

    Plus, I just hate when I hear about douchebags abusing their power over people, but that's just my opinion...right? ;)
  16. just tell them u wont do it again and u were stupid and all that crap!!! if ur in collage then u wont be home that long and leaving home in a few yrs so just keep it out of there house and away from them! parents like to think there right!!!:)

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