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  1. So my dad caught me and my friend sifting through my stash for seeds. I was excited about working out, playing baseball, smoking pot occasionally on the side this summer. Now all my plans are fucked up and my parents are disappointed trying to figure out where they went wrong. I'm fucking depressed because I don't want my parent's to think I'm the stereotypical pot head that doesn't care about anything. My parents literally spit out all of the usually lies about pot and I felt hopeless because they ignored the fact that I disproved everything that they said. DAD: "This is how all potheads act, it brainwashes you to think that what your doing is safe and harmless" period over bbl
  2. do your research for the sit down talk...there is a ton of CREDIBLE infomation out there....maybe roll a joint to pass around the table during the talk :laughing::bolt:
  3. Theres a documentary called The Union thats damn well worth watching, gets mentioned on all of these 'caught' threads, watch it with your parents preferrably. Then ask them to explain how it brainwashes doctors, scientists, reputable people.

    It happens to everyone dude, parents accept it eventually whether they want to or not.
  4. same here dude! i got caught a little over a month ago and ever since ive made my parents watch every single pot movie that is out there.. you should go check out the movie called the union i think theres a thread on here about it. ive heard it all from them about how bad pot is and it just gets me so angry that they think its a terrible drug when really its only a plant with amazing they make me go to a program and i get tested every week for 6 months and i just have to hear more propoganda bullshit from my councelor i dont know how much longer i can last without smoking its killing me lol:confused: my best advice would be to try and educate them about how bad it really isnt and deffinatley make them watch some pot documentaries, its kind of working for me its taking a little time tho
  5. i tried to get her to watch The union but she left after 30 seconds to get the phone,
  6. maybe if i burn it to a dvd and ask them to watch it they will
  7. thats what i did..i went to the movie store and rented it my mom actualy agreed that IF it was LEGAL she would support its use, although im still going to a damn program lol

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