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  1. Hi, i live in student halls and i got this letter under my door one morning i was smoking a batt.

    So i have to go to some meeting tomoro about it and any one been in this situation befor?

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  2. theres barely any bud in those joints.

    and you posted this in the wrong section.
  3. sorry i just made the account today, where should i have posted?

  4. So how do they really know it was you?
    it smelled around your door. Ok wasn't me nor was it coming from my room. Why didn't they knock, etc. :p :smoke:
  5. ya say they have no proof against you and if they insist on removing you tell them you'll see them to court if thats the case and to reconsider
  6. say it was just something skunky you microwaved in your room...and I'd say get rid of everything in the dorm room and say they can search it if they want
  7. from what I read of that, it sounds like it's just a warning. Get caught again and you'll prob be evicted/arrested. my advice is don't smoke in your dorm, or at the very least, use a vape.
  8. Hope they don't boot you from school man. Seen it happen
  9. Lol at name cross-out fail! Seems you missed the first line of text in the letter:

    Dear Christian.

  10. [quote name='"Bouldorado"']Lol at name cross-out fail! Seems you missed the first line of text in the letter:

    Dear Christian.


  11. LOL to a new stoner, general marijuana news from around the world would seem like the perfect place to post this, because it does make sense
  12. Lol at the fact he smokes joints in his dorm!
  13. I attended a private college that had a strict drug policy. I was in a similar situation and ended up being separated from the school. Considering that you signed agreements to NOT do those things, you could be in huge trouble. Just sayin'.
  14. What's the deal with staging the doobs on the letter - you trying to look cute or something?
  15. [ame=]It Wasn't Me by Shaggy feat RikRok - YouTube[/ame]
  16. did anybody approach you? like an RA or something? if they haven't seen any evidence, just deny deny deny. but make sure you get rid of all the weed stuff from your room
  17. In the words of the very kind officer who caught me in my dorm, "If you are going to smoke, do it down by the river or something. Not in the dorm."
  18. if you read it all the way down it looks like from what i can read this is only a warning - they'll talk shit to ya in the meeting, idle threats.. let them talk and just walk the fuk out..
  19. take it a step further and use the letter for your crutches. that will really be impressive

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