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Caught up confusion

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Thizzer4, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. So just today I was getting home from school and was going to put my bud pipe away in this laptop case I keep everything in (mini bong, weed , grinder, seeds, pipes, lighters) and when I went to open the drawer in my room that I keep it in it was gone. I couldn't believe it I thought my parents found it but weird thing is that today we been together all day since we went to vacation and they have been completely acting of everything was normal. So I am confused if my parents found it or what the hell? I know i didn't miss place it cause it is a big as laptop case. Should I confront my parents on it cause I at least had $150 worth of things in it. What should I do? Any help appreciated thanks
  2. shoot first, ask question last

    in your case, searching everywhere before your question your parents.
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    I would be like 1000000000% sure my parents have it before i asked them if they did.

    or print out and bring them studies that shows marijuana's positive effects, then bring those papers to them and tell them you know they found the items in your closet, and you are willing to have a mature conversation with them about it and present them with the studies.
  4. Maybe they want you to come forward.
  5. Time to find out. Go talk to them.
    It's a big step one way or another.
  6. you're busted, they're just keeping their mouths shut for some reason

    honestly though you're probably gonna be alright since they haven't already made a scene. I know my parents would never wait on something like that, they'd be on my ass ASAP.
  7. I would just keep your mouth shut and take the loss. If they haven't said anything then they're probably letting it slide this time. Also, your laptop case in a drawer is a pretty weak stash spot.

  8. imo this is probably the best response.

    but. maybe they smoke too and they took it because they want you to confront them and smoke with you?? but chances are chronmon is right.
  9. Problems like this require strategy and tactics, its a game. Gonna throw some shit out there and see if you like it. This all hinges on your parents having actually taken the bag. If something else happened then nothing here matters.

    IF your parents took the bag and have not told you about it they are waiting for you to come forward.

    They already know you smoke, you are fucked.

    Make sure they have it - if you can or if you ABSOLUTELY know they have it. (secretively)

    If they have it you only have 1 option.. you have to tell them its the only chance you get your shit back.

    Wait a few days minimum, like 4-5 maybe 6 base this off how you feel they will react. you know them best! This is to make it seem like you smoke very infrequently, it will lessen the blow and may possibly really help you...

    Then come into the living room while they are watchin tv or doin something, and say something that indicates you JUST NOW noticed that something was missing, and assuming its not obviously not a laptop case, i would just say your missing your laptop case, not "hey.. did u guys take my fake case with a bong in it"

    Im pretty stoned.. so.. u know... grain of salt..
  10. They're smoking your shit, laughing like hell....
  11. Yeah, your parents probably have it.
  12. I would pretend it never happened. If they call you on it, pick someone you never want to hang out with, and pin it on them... explain they must have left it behind and you thought there was a laptop in it and appear shocked that it contains drugs.

  13. "I couldn't believe it I thought my parents found it but weird thing is that today we been together all day since we went to vacation and they have been completely acting of everything was normal."

    Are you still on Vacation? Assuming you're in some type of hotel room, can't you just search their stuff when they leave to go somewhere? Just play it like you got the shits and you're gonna hang back for the afternoon.

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