Caught Smoking By Neighbor

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by DuckOnQuack, Sep 14, 2009.

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  1. This may sound bad, but it isn't bad in the slightest. I'll tell you the story of what happened this weekend with my buddy.

    My friend and I wake up Saturday morning and decide we are going to walk around all day, and not drive. We load my backpack up with all my bud and other shit, and head off to an elementary school to smoke.

    When we arrive at the elementary school, we see quite a few people playing there, so we change it up, and I show my friend this little ally behind some houses that are positioned on the other side of the street from my house.

    This ally is really chill, and people almost never go back there. Anyways, my friend and I start smoking when we hear someone coming around the corner. My friend covers up the pipe as best as he can really fast, and I pick up all my bud and shit.

    The person that came around the corner is an older lady, I would have to say late twenties or early thirties. Well she clearly knew what my friend and I were doing, because she walked past with her dogs and told us to not worry about it.

    After she walked away, my friend and I started talking about how chill she was for not caring about us smoking. Well, about two minutes later, she comes walking from the other way, with no dogs. My friend and I looked at each other, and then back at her, just waiting for her to be within talking range.

    When she got close enough to us, she asked if we had any of the fine herb to "give away." Well, since I had my ounce on me, I told her I did and got out my scale to weigh her out two grams.

    After I "gave" her the bud, my friend asked if she had rolling papers, so she said to follow her back into her house, because she might have some extras. I asked her where she lived, and she said the same street as I live on. This is when I started shitting my pants from excitement.

    I told her I didn't want to walk down my street with a neighbor, because my mom would probably see me and think I'm doing some weird shit. Haha. She told me that there is a back route into her house, which is just through a fence.

    At her house, my friend and I got to meet her boyfriend. He was a chill dude, and we talked for a little bit, which ended up in him giving us some free wrapping paper. It was really cool. We also talked to this couple about college and other shit.

    After a little while, they whispered to each other and decided they wanted more. I got my scale back out and "gave" them two grams. They also asked for my number, for future use.

    Overall, that is the sickest thing that has ever happened to me while I was high/smoking.
  2. man thats fucking awesome! heaps lucky. reminds me of a time me and my mates were smoking up at this oval and then a few people started walking passed so we hid our shit and just tried to act chill... after ages they didnt leave and so we decided to leg it to another part of time... as we are walking off we hear the people yell out to us "hey, you wanna have a bong?" we thought we were hearing shit and so we kept walking but then we heard them for real... funny shit we sat there smoking up with these local kids...
  3. So you gave your weed to that lady? for free?

    Im all peace, love and all of that shit but...

    I dont see how this is "Overall, that is the sickest thing that has ever happened to me while I was high/smoking"...

  4. That's not old :eek:


    .... story bro :cool:
  5. I think he put those parts in quotes for a reason ;)

    But nice story hah, that would be cool. I often wonder if the folk in the houses near mine ever blaze up.
  6. *facepalm*

    Ya Im really not up for entertaining you buddy.
  7. why should you care about that? your 18 man, you're allowed to walk down the street with anyone you want to..

    but cool story bro.

    now something tells me you didnt think she had a boyfriend, did you?

  8. People who don't understand suspicious parents, or the fact that 18 and above doesn't always mean complete freedom, crack me up sometimes.
  9. Quote for fucking truth right there.
  10. cool man, that was nice of you to gift some of your weed.

    was it dank or mids?

  11. People who don't understand that LEGALLY at age 18 you ARE responsible for yourself and you can do whatever you want crack me up. the fact that you're still tied to your parent's apron strings is a YOU problem, not my problem. IF YOU can't do what you want because you're still beholden to your parents, that's YOUR issue.

    Oh and whomever go to smoke out at an Elementary School just fails hard. Keep that shit away from the kids, they don't need to be exposed to your assinine behavior.

    Thread fails hard.
  12. yeah man... but a lot of people still live with their parents at 18, so if they don't follow the rules they are still going to be punished.

    personally for me, my parents smoke to so when i lived at home people would always come over to smoke..

    but if i wanted to go to half of their houses and smoke they would say fuck no, my parents are chill like yours.
  13. Leave the dude alone. In a perfect fucking world, yes, you could do whatever the fuck you want when you turn 18. But, no matter what the fuck anyone says, it is NOT always possible for an 18 year old to support themselves right off the bat.
  14. I weep for the younger generations.

    Why is it that whenever this argument comes up, the only people on the side of the youngin's are THE YOUNGIN's themselves? Lemme guess, you're under 21 yourself, and still live at home?

    Time to man up, grow a pair and move out.

    I don't give a shit what your economic situation is, if you want complete freedom it's time to make your own way in life. If you're satisfied with being tied to your parents as an adult, then you're fooling yourself into thinking you're a mature individual, because you're not.

    But again, that's a YOU problem, not a ME problem. I'm a grown up with a child on my own. You can be DAMN SURE that I'll be STRONGLY encouraging my daughter to live on her own when she's 18, because I'LL WANT MY HOUSE BACK.

    Used to be that kids couldn't WAIT to get out from under their parent's control, but in the last 20 years kids have become soft, pampered and sheltered. No wonder this country is going to hell in a handbasket.
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    no... I'm 21 now and i've lived on my own since i was 18.. but thats because my grandpa gave me a college fund when I was little and I use it to pay for classes and where I live..

    but yeah, with the increasing costs of living/food/electricity/school/car/insurance/etc it is really hard to work a part time job during high school and make/save enough money to get your own place and pay for school.
  16. yeah, I never really liked handbaskets either
  17. You think you're so much fucking better than me because you are "stable" and have a child? Fuck you, dude.

    I am 21, and do have my own place, and I went away to school as soon as I turned 18. I wanted to get out on my own as soon as I could.

    The fact of the matter is, ESPECIALLY in today's climate, it is fucking tough to get a job. Not just a job, but one that you can support yourself 100% on, especially since we are chatting about 18-20 year olds, who are most likely going to school as well.

    So, fuck right off with your attitude and assumptions. You don't know shit except about yourself and you think that just because you've done this thing that it should be just as easy for everyone else.
  18. wow, they just ripped your ass off. YAY i got some free rolling papers after i just gave them 4 grams, this better have been some mids or something or i would have totally just walked out the door with a face palm hallilujuah on the both of them.
  19. sick story man. wish shit like that happened to people everyday. just think if it was legal, that shit would happen all the time.
  20. Fuckin A right bro!
    I moved out @ 15 - Im in my early 30s (Im "old") and take care of myself and my wife. I had a friend that lived at home till he was 25. I was WTF is wrong with you?? lol
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