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    Ok so I've went 4 years (since i was 14) with no suspicion of doing ANY drugs, or have i yet to get caught.

    So the other night I couldn't find my phone, so i asked my mom if she knew where it was (btw my dad lives in england, my sis is in college, so its jus me n her). N she goes... "we need to talk". She apparently went through 2 days worth of texting(i forgot to delete my texts for 2 days straight), half of which were all about me... selling drugs. Now i text smart just incase this ish ever happened, so its not like YO U WANT SOME WEED. "Its like yo do u got it?", "do you want it?", etc etc (so it sounds like im askin bout homework or sumthin idk). But my one friend texted me right as she was askin me if i smoke, and it says "Yo can i get .5 of ur bud". I shit myself right then n there, and all i could say was he probably texted me instead of someone else, i texted him back and said "u sure u ment to send that to me?", so i guess he picked up on it and said no, wrong number.

    It has to be pretty obvious though, and i know shes gonna be EXTREMELLY suspicious for now on, but if i stay chill she will forget about it soon.


    should i tell her everything, tell her how i dont do it a lot (kinda lie) how it doesn't effect my grades (i've never gotten bellow a 3.0 GPA :smoking:) and how i just smoke don't sell (no one wants there kid to sell drugs, i have to lie there). Iunno how she'd take it, or what she'd do, but gimme some insite.

    Also, my dad used to be a BIIIIIIIIG stoner, he even got into coke for a lil bit (all before my sister was born). So he is totally against me and my sis doing ANYTHING. He is coming home from england in 2 weeks, and i'm pretty sure my mom will tell him bout the texts, somethin to think about also.
  2. Stand your ground lol. Or just tell them that you blaze it..

  3. which one... lol
  4. Till they have solid proof, LIE! Assure them that your a good kid who think that it is not worth the trouble(bullshit:rolleyes:)
  5. yeah it was a good thing i keep all my trees at my boys house (right down the street, and his parents are chill). iunno though, cause if my mom would end up being REAL chill about it, then i would never have to worry bout gettin caught, and my dad would prolly never find out.
  6. True dude. Everyone blazed it in the '70s. She HAD to lol. I say tell herrrrrr. :hello:
  7. nah she was a big loser when she was my age from what i know.
  8. If you are gonna tell your parents, make sure that they would absolutely be okay with it (to an extent). Mine aren't.

    Otherwise, do what I'm gonna do: the day I move into an apartment, I'm gonna be getting all my stuff and be like, "Oh yeah, almost forgot my weed stash". I'm sure my mom and dad would shit themselves with surprise. But there wouldn't be anything they could do about it because I wouldn't be living with them anymore.

  9. Nah man lie till you die do not cave in. LIE TILL U DIE. TRUST ME. Same type of shit has happened to me before but instead of my mom someone else. LIE UNTIL YOU DIE. You will thank me. Unless you screw up again, this method will NEVER FAIL. If it does, than you screwed up again. So basically, if you think you can not fuck up again, (Should be easy to not get caught again) Lie Until You Die. But if you get caught, it usually would've been better if you admitted. But it has never failed for me because I never screw up twice man.

    Best luck man I hope it all works out!
  10. At the end of the day, you do it for yourself.

    If he (your dad) used to toke, he can't make you not do it. Nothing worse than a god damned hypocrite (Not god damning your dad, but my 'rents are hypocrites).

    Now, maybe it's a good idea to lie about the dealing aspect of all this. If anything, just say that you occasionally copped a guy some, y'know?

    Just go with the flow. Keep it on the down-low just in case.
  11. dude...the way it happened to me was I just told them. They weren't school with me smoking so I knew that they was lose respect for me because of it.

    I decided I would rather have them respect my character rather than the fact that I smoke or not. So I started being honest with them and now I never lie, because even though i smoke they respect my honesty, my character, and that I stand by my actions. Its who I am, if I am ashamed of it then it isn't right.

    There are many situations when it is best to not say anything, but if they ask if I was smoking and I was I will tell them. Through all of this I have gotten closer to my parents in a sense because they know I am responsible and that they can trust me.
  12. Whoah, Your Dad wen't to England before,And got into coke before that's weird thats how my dad died EDIT from OD

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