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caught in a storm

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Lost Horizon, May 25, 2009.

  1. :bongin:Hey GC, i just had some weird shit happen to me so im just gonna tell you what happened it so scary then but i think its cool now haha

    so i just smoked alot. i took a whole bong bowl and it was packed pretty fat, i then took like 5 hits from a onehitter and i rolled a pretty fat j i smoked all of it in about 20 minutes. and it was some hyrdo and some beasters. i smoked them in that order hahah and i was rippeddddd. i was completely unfunctional and lovin life man:smoking:
    i was really out of it and staring at the tv but not watching the show, then out of no where dinner popped into my head so i decided to walk down to the mcsonalds in my town. i proceeded to get my ipod and hat and leave so i locked up my house and left. i walked down and about half way down it was starting to get black clouds but i proceeded on my mission. and i was really fucked up and like drifting with every step and start tripping out when i was on the highway. but when i got into mcdonalds i felt like all was good, i ordered and kept repeating myself yet she still fucked up my order hah. so i got my food and was ready to walk back but wanted more bbq sauce so i waited for that lady to go back to the register and she finally gavee me more. so i was walking back and it was now completely black out so i was getting scared i would get stuck in this huge thunderstorm so i wanted to get home quickly. about half way home it starts drizzling and lightning is crashing. i was so damn scared and had about a half a mile back home so i chugged my drink through it in someones garbage can hah and started running home. and im running past this field and i notcie lighting is crashing like 20 feet away from me and the wind was heavy and blowing some leaves off the tree and they were hitting my face. i felt like i was in some weird stoner action movie i was still ripped as hell.. i finally got home soaked, through my shirt on the ground and put shorts on sat down watched some tv and eat my mcdonalds it was one hell of a trip just because i was craving some nuggets and fries hahah :smoking::smoking:

    it was a crazy fucking trip and looking back this might have been the coolest fucking story i can tell, it would be cooler if i wasnt alone. but damn this food is good.

    tell me your coolest thing or trip you have had high
    keep smoking :bongin:
    peace GC
  2. haha dude i know how you feel man expecially when you actually get chased by a group of angry white wankstas who think you owe them bud after you just smoked up... pretty interesting experience
  3. hahah i think everyone knew i was high :smoking: i would ocasionally do something funny or start singing to myself hah
  4. i love singing in public!
  5. hahah same man! just love to smoke and enjoy every little detail about life
  6. well details are a bit to much for me thats why my adventuers end in failures! how do you spell adventours anyway?
  7. hahaha adventures, i think thats right haha
  8. lol i hate not being able to spell
  9. hahah i know what you mean man
  10. well dude im high as fuck and eating chipoltle bbq chips i ttyl bro
  11. That sounds like a hella fun night honestly
  12. shits intense man. i would be flippin shit if that happened to me. sounds fun at the same time though.
  13. I one time walked up to taco johns to meet with some friends and do an interview for a job there. Well, about halfway there, the sky turned real dark and it started POURING. I mean it was a torrential downpour, the streets looked like rivers within minutes and the wind was blowing like a motherfucker.

    So I walk in, dripping with water as if I just got out of a fucking lake, and did my interview just like that. Needless to say, I didn't get the job.

    I was hoping they would see my determination as a good thing...
  14. it was a crazy night, i came home drippin wet too haha threw my clothes on the ground and ate in my boxers haha it was scary as shit but it was actually really fun

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