Caught in a sting.

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  1. Ok... here is my story... spark one up and get ready to read this...

    I am from inner-city Boston (not like dudes who say they're from Boston but are really from the suburb outskirts, anyways...) and my friend was a freshman in college in Bridgewater, about 45 minutes south of Boston. Now, just to let you know... Bridgewater cops are not like Boston cops... I, being 18 years old at the time, wasn't too aware of how much worse college-town cops are than city cops.

    So, I go to spend the weekend at my buddies new apartment in Bridgewater and some chick that he was bangin says she knows a kid a couple miles away that sells pretty decent dro. We all get in the car... me, my 2 friends, and the chick. We get to this little house in the middle of the suburbs, heavily wooded area, nice small suburban side street. Harmless. Me, one of my friends and the chick walk into the house, a 20 sack and bounce.

    We get in my friends truck and pull off... as soon as we enter back into Bridgewater the cops start flashing right behind us. My friend gives the weed to the girl and we tell her to put it in her twat.. after arguing for a few seconds she finally does it. Cop pulls us over and takes us out one by one for questioning.

    Of course, I'm the last one he takes out for questioning.. the three others I was with are on the other side of the parking lot we pulled in talking to a detective and I'm alone... so now, I'm not sure if the cop found the weed or not so I just gotta stick to my guns..

    He asked me what we were doing at the house first. I told him I have no idea, I was just along for the ride. He asked if I had any cocaine or weed on me and I said no. He says "the worst thing you can do is lie to me, now I want you to tell me why you went to that house... did you go to get weed?" ... I stuck to my guns again... "Nope"... the cop says "You have one chance to change your story right now... what do you want to do?" I stuck to my guns again and said "Sorry officer, I'm not lying." ... right then the cop pulls the bag of weed out of his pocket and goes "Well can you explain this?" as the other detective walks over... officer looks at the detective... throws the bag in the air to the other detective and says.. "Detective, does that look like weed to you?"

    (now remember the bag was up the girls pussy)

    The detective takes a good look at the bag and stuffs it right up against his upper lip and take a big deep inhale and says "OH YEAH! SMELLS LIKE SOME FUNKY STUFF TOO OFFICER!!!"


    The officer got pissed that I was laughin and then I apologized and said to him "I'm sorry but my friend just started going to college here, if you want to arrest somebody then take me, I don't want him to get into shit.. I hope you can understand that I lied for him, I don't rat on my friends"

    Of course, he got pissed again but eventually ended up letting us all go because the girl that my buddy was banging was the daughter of a State Trooper who happend to be friends with the dickhead cop!
  2. how did they find weed that was in her twat, next time you're trying to hide weed don't pick a snitch bitch to hold it
  3. The "twat" part was funny, lol.
  4. She folded under pressure when they told her they were gonna have a female officer come and search her, so she gave it up... I was hoping she was gonna hold her water no matter what like I did but I had just met her about an hour before all this.
  5. Next time keister stash that! She probably cracked after a few seconds and handed it over.
  6. Thats some funny shit!! HAHHahahah
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    let me get this straight

    you get caught with some weed on you and give it to a girl who you only met an hour earlier - she agrees to stuff the bag up her snatch

    she folds under pressure and pulls the bag out and gives it to the police officer who then throws it to his buddy to smell even though she's just pulled it out of her cunt

    jesus fucking christ I have read some shit on this forum recently but this is pure wank

    *edit* and you decide to take the rap before the cops have even decided what to do??

    alriiiiiiiiighty then
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    That is what happened...very good


    Yes, I was gonna take the rap for my friend who was on probation... I don't understand ur argument
  10. /Girl pulls bag out from her pussy


  11. When he said it smelled like some stanky stuff u should have been like "yeah its tuna kush".:hello:
  12. Its that new shit.... Bush Kush
  13. cops man, thats a bitch. At least you wouldnt have gotten much with the new laws. Bridgewater cops are a bitch for a ton thats just a ton of trees.
  14. I call bs.
  15. I think i would agree. So the officers watch her take this baggie out of her vagina and then proceed to touch and smell the baggie. Huh.
  16. true that. i mean god damn stick the shit in your sock and dont say shit about it. they cant search you for you being at some kids house... thats assuming this isnt bullshit.....

  17. Hahaha you guys are fucking funny.
  18. Wait a second, isnt marijuana decriminalized in Massachusettes?
  19. ahahahaha this kid is bull shitting out of his ass aint no cop gonna see a girl take a bag out of her vagina and smell it.... thats just fukcing stupid lol and weed has been decriminalized in mass for a few months now...
  20. What's to say this happened recently?

    When I was in high school a chick hid a quarter in her snatch for her bf, and she ended up giving in when they questioned her, and dude got suspended 365 after telling them it was his.

    The cop sniffing the bag seems a bit much though, but it could've happened.

    Besides, isn't this a place where you can come to to tell everyone about all the crazy ass shit that's happened to you? The shit that was so crazy, unusual, or random that when you tell everyone about it they say "No way man, you've got to be lying!".

    Everyone is so quick to call BS. Give the guy a break...

    Now if he said the cop found a cooler in the trunk with a hacked off arm in it... then I would call BS ;):D

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