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    I live most of the time in the city where I go to uni, but this week I'm back home. When I smoke at home I do it out of the window, after my parents are in bed, with a towel under the door - no problems to date. Anyway, tonight my older brother was out with his friends, came back to and saw me at my window, joint in hand. He gets in, comes up to my room and starts whispering to me all shit like "I can smell weed all over the house, I'm gonna wake mum and dad, you're smoking drugs in the house"

    I was just like "quiet, shut the door and i'll speak to you tomorrow", he's such a dick about stuff like this. He will tell my parents sooner or later, bloody snitch seeking my parents favour in every way he can think of. Guys, seriously just reassure me this is gonna work out ok, plus advice or whatever. Worrying about this massively now and it's wrecking my high.
  2. I would start by beating the shit out of your brother...wait no, don't do that.

    Go to your parents and have a talk with them about drugs and especially include tobacco, alcohol and weed. Prior to this do as much research on those and watch a couple documentaries. You shouldn't have too much of a problem having a rational side of the conversation and hopefully it will work out because of that. Of course do this before your brother gets to them. If they don't approve and if you think you are good enough, let them think you stopped but just continue smoking as long as you are not at your house. Never smoke in your house again.
  3. Chill dude.just talk with ur bro face to face,tell him all the facts about it,and how its different than those above the influence commercials,if he doesnt accept it after that,well blackmail him with something u know bout him Lol.

    Hope I Helped:wave:
  4. Couldn't you just tell your parents "No, I don't know what he's talking about." ?
  5. ^^ Say this, and then say "Hes just mad cause I caught him kissing a boy:p:hello:
  6. Yea tell them he had gay porn and hes lieing to discredit me . Ha ha that would be so cool
  7. hahahahhaha that's some funny shit.
  8. im surprised ive never read this suggestion on here...

    sit his ass down, make him watch you smoke, and make him watch what really happens when you get high.

    he should see you straight chillin afterwards, and maybe he wont be a dick about it after that.
  9. Your brother sounds like a poof :(
  10. Seriously spam his comp with gay porn and put a 8th in his room

    then clean your shit out of your room and DENY everything

    Or if you dont hate him that much just do the second part...
  11. not even kidding do that shit.
    say you were smoking a cig or osmethin outside
    you see your brother get out of a car and kiss a dude goodbye.
    its so fuckin random that it would work i bet.

    edit: LMK how this goes down
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    Well, having woken up feeling a lot calmer, I have a plan. I'm just gonna tell him to keep his mouth shut, and if he doesn't I'll tell my fairly strict christian parents that he's been having sex since he was 15 (somehow they actually believe he's still a virgin at 22 haha). That should keep him quiet, cos they went fucking NUTS when they found out I was having sex a couple of years ago.

    If he still tells them, I'll just apologise for doing it in the house, but straight up tell them that its harmless and I'm not going to stop. They put up with me not following their religion, they can put up with this.

    EDIT: On second thoughts, I won't tell them about his sexual exploits. I'm not gonna drop down to his level by snitching.
  13. Turns out he told them first thing this morning that he caught me having a cig out the window. He's such a massive dick, why would anyone snitch like that? Snitching is something which men do not do to each other. Anyway, now he's blatantly loving having power over me, there's an unspoken "I can tell them at any moment that you smoke weed" vibe from him.

    Apparently their reaction was to say that they'd rather I didn't smoke cigs, but if I do I should go outside. That's fine by me, easier than trying to hide it haha.

  14. Well dude here is a thought since your parents don't mind you killing yourself overtime why not inform them on cannabis and how it's not harmful like cigs...
    your over 18 dude
  15. Get your brother schooled.

    What a faggot.
  16. I'll jump your brother for you, It doesnt sound like you live in the states though lol
  17. well...looks like your only option is to.......kill your brother.:cool:

  18. Yeah that's exactly my plan if/when they do find out. Cigs are ridiculously harmful and I don't plan to let them say weed is worse. To be honest I'm starting to feel pretty confident about the whole thing now, and whatever happens I'm heading back to Sheffield in a week.
  19. wow..your brother sounds like the biggest faggot lol...what is his motive??? your over 18 who gives a fuck

    and he is 22..he should be building his own life and worried about his own dick instead of telling his mommy that his brother is smoking..

    wat a fag..put gay porn all up in his like mom he is a virgin at 22 cuz he likes boys! he has been hiding since he was 15

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