Cats just don't give a fuck

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  1. that other black thing thats not the cat suppose to be a gun? cus it doesnt mean the cat doesnt give a fuck,

    just that u plan u murder it in its sleep
  2. That's my laptop..

    EDIT: LMAO that totally looks like a rifle!

    Wow didn't even notice that.

  3. lmaoo
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    Awww look at the kitty :) I <3 kitties!!!

    *edit* damn that does look like a gun. Don't fuck with the kitteh!

    *edit edit* nice boxers
  5. Lol, I thought it was a gun as well.

    Cats still don't give a fuck though.
  6. Fuck, is that cat high as fuck or something?

  7. Naw, I was chillin' in my room and he just walked in, jumped on my legs, and fell asleep.
  8. HAHA catz are the shiz
  9. Cats are smarter then dogs because they realize taking orders from humans sucks balls, so they just sleep and do nothing. If you think about it humans would also do this if they had a free home and food.
  10. hm.

    someone please explain to me WHAT THE FUNK IS GOING ON IN THIS PICTURE!? :)

  11. There is what seems to be a cute lazy black adult cat lying on tokinbud420's legs.

    There is also the laptop that looks like a rifle.

    *edit* blue boxers in the backround.
  12. whats the point in this thread?
  13. haha i see. thank you. and you're quite the observant one. ;)

  14. There is no point.:)
  15. :hippie:

    I'll share a story.

    So the other night, my girls and I decided we would walk to the closest gas station to go grab a swisher because we wanted to enjoy the beautiful scenery that night, as well as exercise our legs a bit. Well, we started walking and then we realized that my friend's cat had been following us, and he's just a baby. We were hesitant about bringing it along, just because we were going to walk 6 miles and cats tend to roam freely and have a mind of their own, but because we didn't feel like walking back we kept it around and just took turns holding him.

    We made it to the gas station, started heading back when my friend decided it would be funny to run with the cat - pass the fence with the barking dogs - but it ended with the cat digging two claws deep into her chest and making away in a strike about three blocks before the rest of us could realize what was happening. *sigh*

    We ended up running around for about 30 minutes looking for our friends cat, and then stopped and decided it was time to smoke, so we did just that. Sitting down on a curb, admiring the beautiful midnight sky and taking in all of its' essence, smoking a perfectly rolled L; we were just conversing about the stars and shit, when we see a furry white ball just chilling on someone's lawn right in front of us. *whew* Yeah, it was our friends cat.

    We still don't know how he found us, but we're glad he didn't get lost. I love that little furry fucker, even though he always pounces on me..
  16. Mine are 50-50.This morning as I was recovering from food poisoning, Stimpy was waiting by the door wondering what was going on, and when I crawled back in bed both decided to join me, but Fatty McMaow would get pissed if I moved. Stimpy on the other hand, snuggled right by me and let me use him as a prop for my ice pack.
  17. lol, that is so true. my cat can be a real dick when he wants something. otherwise he just takes a nap nearby while I'm on my computer.
  18. "Bitch, I will shoot myself in the head if you can tell me that fuckin' cat's name!"

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