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  1. I've recently got my hands on some cat nip seeds, unfortunatly too late in the season. I'm think about growing it indoors, possibly in my growroom. I've looked all over the interweb and can't find how to effectivly grow catnip indoors. Everywhere i've looked says catnip grown indoors is 'straggly'. I think that is just because of lack of appropriate light. Can anyone help?
  2. Ok....why do you want to grow catnip?
  3. Thats a weird name for bud, catnip is it any good, and any reason why you would call a strain of marijuana catnip, sounds like some crappy cat food.
  4. i think he wants to grow catnip (which is perfectly smokeable) since he can't grow weed this time around..?

    or he has LOTS of friggen cats hahaha
  5. And why is this question in a forum about growing marijuana?

    I googled "grow catnip indoors" and there are tons of hits, I don't know what they have to say about straggly and such, though. But those may be the kinds of places to ask this question.
  6. It's for my cat. I found a really good strain. He goes nuts for it, and when i sit down to puff i like to watch him get high too. I guess my question is should i put it in my veg/cloning room or my flowering room?

    Someone from GC suggested growing catnip to me to keep my cat away from my marijuana plants. So i thought i might see if anyone here has some experience with catnip, seing as we are all interested in growing. I googled it and wasn't convinced with the restults.
  7. Sorry, can't help on how to grow catnip.

    I wouldn't trust a catnip plant to keep a cat away from the MJ plant. Keep them physically separated/gated/etc.

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