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  1. I have decided to treat my cats.

    Drawing from 4 years of experience - Gonna grow some mega buds for Ted and Buttons (my two cats)

    I plan to grow two plants - two different types of catnip - catmint and cat lemon.

    I plan on growing them - as if they were a cannabis plant - in my large setup.

    I've never grown Catnip before - and there's a distinctive lack of growing info on it - so is there anything specific about its needs that I should know before I start?

    Videos and pictures are on there way!
  2. They like lots of sun and take fucking forever to grow in my experience lol.
  3. Don't mix up your catnip and bud hahaha don't want you to smoke catnip and your cats to use the weed.
  4. The cats really hate most weed. i think the smell is too strong for them.

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