Catfight: B***** Slapped And Scrapped

Discussion in 'General' started by Crypto Tech, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. Pure entertainment. Bitch got her ass WHOOPED.

  2. She was latched on that bitches hair. What were they even arguing about?
  3. I love catfights,ESPECIALLY when black girls are involved.
  4. my dick
  5. Nah they were arguing about who had the better hair.
  6. Why do they always slap or punch their hand while trying to establish an arguement?
  7. I'm always glad to see the person who is less aggressively perusing the fight win.

    It always seems only punk assholes get in peoples faces.
  8. I found that more disturbing than sexy.

  9. same here
    I dont want my girl to be a fuckin savage...just straight whalin on bitches
  10. It appears as if that's the backstage area of a strip club.

    Remind me never to visit that strip club.
  11. The dog that barks the loudest, has the weakest bite. I think thats the old saying. :D
  12. damn that hoe got mounted and got some ground and pound
    Im not sure if they were speaking English though

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