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  1. How do I get rid of caterpillars?
  2. They're a bitch, dude... Destroyed 3 of my outdoors last year.

    Get as many off by sight as you can... You can also try Zero Tolerance pest control by Ed Rosenthal. It says it will get rid of Caterpillars.
  3. or after hours & days of seek , destroy & plucking have to find a way to back up & eliminate the source of the problem or they will return.
    screen barriers indoors or out will help Big time.
  4. Yup!

    They're a BITCH to get rid of.
  5. Find a product with BT in it (Bacillus Thuringensis). Spelling is probable wrong.

    I get the concentrate because I get hornworms on my tomato plants, but there are pre mixed like DIPEL. Lowes or HD will have them, or any garden supply place.

    It is completely harmless to anything but catapillars. They eat it, it locks up their gut and they starve to death.

    I've used it for well over 30 years.


  6. Word ^^^^^

    This product will eliminate all the worms organically and is harmless to humans. Spray the surrounding plants in areas of outdoor grows for better control.

    Screening the plants is possible to eliminate the moths and butterflies from laying eggs on the plants, which evolve into the catapillars.

    PS: Bacillus thuringiensis is the correct spelling of the active ingredient.

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    I believe this is what the eggs look like before hatching.

    They work stealthy quick so checking often is a must. Here's 20 of the useless type of little government agents that are busted & torched!Those bug planting,..... plant bugging bitches.

    Even indoors & in a cab moths will be attracted. Even from outside they can be drawn. They will also zero in on the source of heat/light from an open source, & find access to the plant.

    On an outdoor grow, I imagine that it's a random seek & destroy selection for the type of plant for the laying of eggs?
    Regular preventative maintenance habits , included with the added time it takes for Efficient protection & close inspection, is worth the damage that can be eliminated from ALL of those wandering insects That want to ruin a very good thing.:smoke:

    BTW: it's pretty cool how the structure of the plant is basically another root system with Green webbing in between for the photosysnthesis process.

    *obviously not the same patch of eggs......... but this is the exact same pattern on the eggs on this particular plant when magnified.

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  8. Indoor, fix the problem how they're getting in.
    I'd like to add that BT is wonderfully amazing at killing caterpillars, it doesn't prevent them. 1 getting in, eating some, pooping, and dieing will lead to mold in flowering; BT got it before it munched the cola to death, but its crap will mold it and basically do the same damage. Zero Tolerance is really nice for prevention; its sorta expensive though going through larger amounts; I love the smell though, haha.
    I alternate between spraying with clean water, zero tolerance mixture, neem oil mixture, and BT. When shit gets REALLY bad (theres 1 bastard in my area which seems resilient to the strains of BT I use) I use Spinosoad A/B, but this will kill all bugs. (terrible side effect) -- all for an outdoor prevention, and even so I lose nugs all the time to em.

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