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  1. Hi,

    I need some advice.

    I have 6 plants vegging in a closet, and now I've noticed that the bottom leaves are becoming yellow and dying. Apart from this, they are looking healthy. I am giving them nutrition, so I don't think they are lacking nitrogen. I'm guessing the reason for the yellowing is that they are root bound. They plants are 27 days old and about 6.5 - 7.5 inches tall, and the pots are only 4 inches tall and 5.5 inches in diameter.

    I have two bigger buckets that fit into the growing cab, and I was planning to replant two of the plants in those when I know which ones are female.

    So my dilemma now is: I can't replant them in bigger buckets before I find out what sex they are, but while waiting for them to preflower it seems like I could be killing them off...!

    What to do?

    Could I throw them into flowering right away, would they show sex sooner then?
  2. If you begin to flower them, they should show sex within two weeks. Keep in mind that they will stretch, so be prepared to deal with it.

    MJ plants do naturally begin to yellow at the bottom of the plant, usually the first couple of leaf sets.

    Normally, they will show pre-flowers at 4-6 weeks, and you can sex them without changing he photoperiod.

    They probably are a bit root bound, but IMO you still have some time before you'd need to transplant. Once transplanted, they will take off. Good luck.......
  3. Thanks! I have some vertical space in the cab (right now I've placed the plants on top of boxes to keep them close to the CFLs), so stretching shouldn't be too much of a problem. I think I'll throw them into flower in a week or two.

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