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  1. well i'm getting a kitten in a week or so, and need name suggestions.
    i suck at picking names and i want the perfect one.

    anything cleverly related to MJ would be awesome, but i just need a sweet name.

  2. Mary Jane.
  3. sebastian sprinkles.
  4. Keif, Toker, Smoker, Mary Jane, Sativa, Trichrome, Fuckin Cat,

    I would go with Fuckin Cat, not smoking related but that's what I call my cat when I'm trying to walk down the stairs and he fucking runs under my feet trying to kill me...

    Fuckin Cat!!
  5. you could name her after that one magic dragon... ummm

    Sativa sounds kinda cool
  6. i'm not feelin' sativa.

    mary jane is too generic lol. thanks though guys i like what i'm hearing so far
  7. Haha

    Puff is actually a cute name for a cat
  8. my dogs name is Kilo...
  9. pooter, that's my cats name
  10. cfer
    c fer cat
  11. my nextdoor neighbor has a cat named Kush
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    Name it after a strain, like Haze. Bud, Smokey...those two names have been used for cats before. Something like that.

    Do you have any bongs or bowls with good names? current pieces or broken/confiscated/given away pieces. Maybe one of those would work and would have a nice MJ reference that most other people wouldn't know.
  13. lol... i like keif

    trichie (pronounced tricky)


    rolla (roller)

    J (jay)

    garcia y vega???

    how about just blunt


    lol name his ass zigzag
  14. Mr. Cat
    Trucksie McNigglesworth
    Sir Shits-A-Lot
  15. Get him clipped and call him sensimillia... Like seedless? Would be pretty good.

    My cats name is Lord Catburger, but I call him Catburger for short.
  16. u oughtta name him chupacabra
  17. Hah a homie has a cat named Nugget
  18. Smokey
    Skunk (or Skunky)
    Jack herer
    Jomon (Japanese for "pattern of ropes" which refers to hemp plants)
    Taima ("Cannabis" in Japanese)

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