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cat in the hat

Discussion in 'General' started by ugeman420, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. anyoen else see hte preiveiws for this shit... it looks like its gonna be a trippy ass movie.
  2. Good quote, I just watched Easy Rider for the first time a few minutes ago, excellent movie.

  3. sad thing is.is i remember the BOOKS....lol
    it should be really cool
  4. *points to avatar*

    Ohhh yeaaa ;)

  5. LoL... My hubby and I decided we wanted to go see that.. I guess we'll bring the baby with us, she might like it too. ;)
  6. the movie i think would give me a bad high.. but the book would be fun and it must have pictures!!
  7. ooh soldier...it has many pictures....lol
    its a cute book

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