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  1. Well I had the coolest cat in the world and he sure loved the green. He in fact would jump on the screen to my window after I smoked, and he would follow me and my friends when we went on adventures in the wilderness.

    Also he would chill out with me while high. He had no issues with other animals and acted like a big brother to out younger cat and put up with a lot of his shit. We had adopted him from an animal shelter he had many issues and stitches in several places as well as some kind of disease that increased the amount of its eye boogers.

    After several weeks with us he no longer had those issues and just became really happy and full of life.

    He was just the best cat I have ever had I just feel bad that he died by a car instead of old age. People need to drive carefully don't speed in the country if you would feel bad about hitting a cat.

    Well I guess I just wanted to talk about it briefly. I may seem like a pansy but I did cry while I buried him. He had the most personality of any cat I ever owned. In fact in many ways he acted like a dog. I wanted to take him when I moved out but looks like it won't happen. He will truly be a missed feline friend.

    Well I'm sure he is sniffing the catnip in cat heaven.
  2. That sucks bro, I too know what its like losing an amazing friend/pet.
  3. May as well call it a friend man. Everyone who toked up with him love that cat. Oh except for one because he was high and he grabbed his leg from under our deck:hello:

    It was fucking funny from that moment on he was scared of the cat
  4. I feel your pain man I had a cat exactly like that that I would blaze with and he would follow me on my hikes. He had one eye for most of his life, then I saw him carried off by a bald eagle, which I guess is a badass way to go. But anyways sorry about your cat, sounds like he was awesome
  5. Yo im sorry to hear man. I love playing with my cats and i can totally see how his death has affected you :(
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    rip...cats are dope man for real.:)
  7. This thread is making me sad
  8. I lost my first cat Charles when I was younger:( After 11 weeks of no sign of him, he ended up a kilometer away from our house on the side of the the road, dead. Someone had apparently been taking care of him. Who, we never found out. And we may have found him had some douchebag I know not ripped up our lost cat posters. sunnuva bitch...:mad:

    either way man, I know what its like to lose a cat. They can be really great friends sometimes. I have another cat whose getting on in years, and I don't know whats gonna happen when we lose him :(

    best of luck coming to peace with his death man
  9. Sorry to hear that man. your not a pansya ya just loved your buddy.
  10. Sorry for the loss of your friend. Are you getting another one?

  11. That is a badass way to go..I want to go like that.:smoking:

    And no I'm not getting another cat, or at least not for a while. I'm not planning on it until after I move out. It definitely has affected me he was like a friend.
  12. wow dude R.I.P hes probably chasing all the ghost mice lol
  13. My cat is very similar. He's sleeping on my lap right now :) He follows me EVERYWHERE, he even watches me eat dinner sometimes. I love him to death and couldn't imagine him gone :(

    Sorry for your loss man, losing pets is horrible :(
  14. Yeah, he was more of a bird cat, but he was too fat to get one when he originally tried. He slimmed out though and started getting them.

    He would sit under bird feeders when he was too fat to get them.
  15. R.I.P lil kitty..wat was his name bro? im about to blaze n id love to dedicate it to him man
  16. Frank the cat died of two years of age.
  17. I'm sorry for your loss. I don't know what i would do if my cat died. :(
  18. Thats an awesome name ha sounds like he was a fuckin g!

    R.I.P Frank the Cat..

  19. Fat cats do like them fast food joints.
  20. I had a cat for 9 years named Franko, he was such a baller. Not to mention my kitty got its leg ran over tonight by our neighbor backing up, I really hope its not broken because I cant afford a huge vet bill :/

    I'm praying for ya man, hopefully my kitty will be okay as well.

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