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    So I saw this indie game today called Castle Miner Z. It's basically another knockoff of Minecraft, a theme very popular on the indie XBL arcade. That makes sense though, because Minecraft can be pretty fun.

    The only difference though is that it's based around surviving zombies. I fucking love zombies.. so that sounds pretty neat. I know the old school graphics sway people away from Minecraft, but the graphics on this game are actually pretty decent.

    You craft guns, ammo, and everything else you need. Build shelter, fortresses, and all that shit. Sounds like a fun sandbox game and it's only like $2.50-3.00...

    [ame=]Castle Miner:Z for "ZOMBIES"!!! - YouTube[/ame]

    I'm debating getting this... but I wouldn't wanna just play it by myself. So I'm wondering if any blades would be interested in getting in on this?
  2. I went ahead and got it just out of curosity. It's fucking amazing haha. I like it more than minecraft. It has melee weapons AND guns, so that works out good. Survival also seems to take more effort than Minecraft, which is great since it's zombie based.

    If you like MC and own a 360 and have $3 this game is for you.
  3. I have all the miner games on xbox. This one was my favorite, then I played total miner. You can do waaaaaaaay more in Total Miner. Except there's no guns.

    Protip for MinerZ: Pull out your compass and follow the green arrow until you get to a distance of 3,000 blocks. First you will go through floating islands, then a desert, then mountains, then ice, before finally getting to the resource heaven. Loads of coal/copper/iron/gold/diamond/bloodstone

    Right now I'm working on a house made completely of bloodstone, then I'll get to all bloodstone weapons. Even though gold weapons kills dragons in like one clip..
  4. Rezzing this thread to say CMZ is the shit!
  5. Rezzing because this game is indeed the shit!

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