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  1. When you guys are smoking bowls, when would you say it's cashed? Do you only smoke 'em until there isn't anymore green, or do you keep smoking until it won't really burn anymore?

    I tend to just keep going until I'm not really blowing out enough smoke for how long of a rip i take.
  2. A cashed bowl is all ash. If you're stopping when the green's gone you're wasting a lot of weed.
  3. Yeah, when it's cashed, it's all gone.

    Nothin' but ash.
  4. I stare at the bowl as I hit it, its done when there isnt an ember and it wont catch a flame.
  5. Even if its all ash, smush down the ash with your lighter a bit and spark again. You'll get another great hit or two.
  6. i stop when i can kinda taste the change... if ya know

  7. This man speaks the truth.
  8. i smoke untill i cant get another hit...
  9. I smoke until the ash is in the water. :D
  10. I have one friend who always says it's cashed a good 2-5 hits before it really is so now I bring my own piece so I decide when to repack it, which is when the smoke only blows out of my lungs for around a second or so (I can normally get like 5 seconds)
  11. when you start seeing the grey (ash), and not green or black-ish... then it's cashed.

  12. thats how i roll dude
  13. My friends and I have a saying, "if there's crunch, then there's still a bunch"
  14. Yup. and you can stir the bowl up. if theirs still density to the weed its still smokeable

  15. word...
  16. yeah. when you start tasting the lighter fluid, then you know its cashed
  17. I smoke till I can't smoke anymore. And then I pack it down and smoke some more... lol. Seriously, if it makes smoke, it's smokable. I hate when people tell you theres nothing in there. You prove them wrong, then they're still like "Oh, but that's not really weed... it's just ash." Bullshit. Smoke it all.
  18. Usually (depending on the size of the bowl) you can stir around the edges of the bowl into the middle and get a couple of hits. Also we call it "johnnied" instead in respect for johnny cash haha
  19. I say if its still black, you can smoke it.

    When its grey, throw away.

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