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  1. I'm sure I'm not the first or last person to think about this idea, but why don't the uk government follow certain states in America in the legalisation of cannabis for recreational use? They could pile a shit heap of tax on it, ( just like every other product) it would be a god send to get us out this 3 trillion pound debt, I don't know any other plant that produces a a £10 a gram product, could you imagine if rice sold for that! How the fuck do you get into 3 trillion pound of debt anyway!! :eek: I don't suppose anybody knows how much tax per gram Washington charges? I mean we pay over 50% on all tax and alcohol, even pubs are forced to pay all the tax.... And they wonder why 10 pubs in the uk shut daily!
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    Legalization drives down the value of marijuana. Dealer turn to other drugs to distribute to make ends meet. More flux ofnhsrder drugs.. more people on hard drugs.... crime rates go up... marijuana legalization takes money out of the peolle.pocket and back into the hands.ofnsuper wealthy and the govt... Iegalization wil make marijiana near worthless.. the govt stopped making money off marinjana when people realized how easy it was to grow at home.
    SO BASICALLY Cartel business for marijuana has stopped because there is much better local product.... they will taxe it the super wwlahty will be more wealthy and the whole counter culture of.marijuana stops with legalization....mexico is now.legalizing mj... so growers in north america have no way to profit off cannabis..everyone is just jumping
    People dont even care... its like they want to give the wwlahty more moneybjust sonthey can save a couple bucks on weed
    Instead of help.local business... like seriously.... I love marijuana... but I aloso lovd that it is a highly valued substance.. it make me enjoy my smoking more. It makes me feel like I have slmethinf od value and nor just some dried heeb in my pocket
  3. I don't see how I'd be more then happy to pay the street price for it, plus you would know what strain your getting I think alot of people would rather buy it from a shop then going to meet a so called "dealer" I prefer the word florist.
  4. Because its a plant that grow in dirt... no one street price for something mom grows innher vegetable garden...
  5. Once it produced on a mass scale and legalized what do you think will happen you tell me
  6. I take it you haven't been to Amsterdam? People are more then happy to pay €10-€15 a gram I think it would work really well but that's just my opinion
  7. Thats because it tourist attraction buddy
  8. The same thing in rosarito mexico with cocaine... your in a tourist town you score coke for more than it would cost you in the us.... just.south of mexico you can score coke for 1000 a kilo.......
  9. People use to fly to amsterdam just to get high as ballz experience the legal weed cculutre and maybe visit the red light district....
  10. I don't think your getting the point of this thread, im not talking about coke it is irrelevant. It's about supply and demand, and the demand is much higher then the supply in this country, what makes you think that it really wouldn't work at all? I'm sure if you go to Washington or Cali you will be paying $10-$15 for a gram of good weed, people pay the price as they know the quality and strain they are getting.
  11. Omg....that cocaine was an example...

    Once it legalized everywhere and corporstions prpduce on mass scales It will be worthless there will be sp much mariju a a it will drive the prices steight through the floor.... tht cocaine example was to help you understand why its valued in the dam.... amsterdam is the only place in that area and st one ppint in the world to have a legal.mj culture... obv you dont understand
  12. Dude I buy ozs of og kush for 100 dollars in cali... but your missing thw point.... if it lwgalized eveywhere it losses it value..... the more mh becomes legalized the more value lost..
    Do you not understand this logic....
  13. Sorry mate I didn't mean to sound shitty I can grasp what your saying and totally agree now, I need a few minutes to read somthing when I'm baked haha, I do believe that it could retain some value in this country, I just think it would be the best cash crop the uk could grow Ie price per weight of product.
  14. And you reinforced what I said ablut supply demand. Roght now demand is high supply is low.elgalization will cause supply to sky rocket its a plant that easily grows onnthe ground.. it will cause pr ices to plummit
  15. Its going to be a great cash crop for the already super wealthy.... I feel like mj is for the people right now esp here in the us. A lot of people are profiting off of it and the basically goong to take all that back.... its also going to cause a flux of other problems... like peolle who are forced to sell mj because pf prior offenses will now have to sell harder drugs to find any means to get by.. there will be more drugs avaiabke to a wider range of people and this will cause cdime rates to go up. And cause cocaine and heroin prices to rise.... pharmacuticals will continue to rise at an eveven faster rate... and its all ti put more money in these peoples pocket that control this coutry and world with an iron fist... power is there drive control over thw masses..
  16. I know it's a bad thing letting the government have more power but at least it's a start to getting out of this debt, the way I see it is once we are a fully functioning country again (once we are out of debt) we can start lowering taxes, the government would have more money to help single mothers aswel, I'm all for the government making money off it but only we can reep some of the rewards to, just a side question- is heroin a big problem in the us? I've heard about crack Cocaine is the big one, I'd say its a massive problem in this country as it fuels other crime, a lot of addicts turn to burglary to Get the money for there smack, I've personally seen heroin addicts selling stolen cheese/meat to the old boys in the pubs who don't want to pay super market prices.
  17. Heroin is our most valuable drug at 150 dollsrs a gram of pure tar... $1 per mg of oxycodone
  18. It would be nice to think you would benefit off.legalization but you wont.. I can explain why...
  19. I lol'd pretty hard at the fact that you think once the gov't is out of debt they'll lower taxes
  20. I never said they will, I said they can start.

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