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  1. Hey i was wondering if anyone heres ever bought or made a small case for a pack of rolling papers? So it doesnt get crushed in your pocket and such.
  2. They sell them here on gc. Look in smoking accessories then stash gear, tins, and boxes.
  3. No way like little case for just single packs? Thanks dude
  4. Have experience of cigarette paper little case
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    Hahahahhahahhahahhahah!!! TOO baked!
  7. One of my buddies carved one for king size papers out of wood (oak) looks real nice.. kinda want one.. i ruined 2 books of RAW Con. Tips and papers via getting them wet... Ffffuuuu-
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    I just bought 3 packs of Raws the other day rolled one joint and forgot they were in my pocket when I threw them in the wash lol.
  9. yeah, i have a raw case for my papers, they fit the 1/4 size and it's great esp when it's raining or if i have too much shit in my bag. elements also makes papers with a magnetic clip thing so the sleeve doesn't flip up
  10. Yeah haha ive washed a pack of raw papers as well. Thanks for your tips i appreciate it.
  11. wow...ever hear of Altoids...its the perfect case and its all ninja styles

  12. On that raw case could you put an unfolded paper in there, or does it only fit a pack. I am wondering because I was thinking of getting the 300 pack of raws off EDIT and just using that as a case.
  13. it only fits a pack, it's just slightly larger than a standard 1/4 pack of papers

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