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  1. does anyone know whos running for ca's governor in 2010? and what there stand is on marijuana?
  2. This is what I found.

    -Gavin Newsom, Mayor of San Francisco
    -Jerry Brown, Attorney General and former Governor

    -Meg Whitman, former CEO of eBay
    -Steve Poizner, Insurance Commissioner
    -Tom Campbell, former congressman

    I don't know their stances on cannabis, but I did read an article about Jerry Brown supporting medical marijuana laws, but not full legalization.

    California gubernatorial election, 2010
  3. Im voting for newsom!
  4. Schwarzenegger supports the legalization idea. Try to get it in before he leaves!
  5. I'm pretty sure that Gavin Newsom supports legalization. He was the one who wanted the city of San Francisco to grow herb on city property to sell to the dispensaries.
  6. I would think in the debates that they would put there stance out there, since cannabis is a big issue in California.
  7. the AB 390 doesn't go on the ballet until nov.2010. thats way i was thinking of the new governor and him passing it or vetoing it.
  8. Well if its a ballot initative, wouldnt the governor be irrelevant
  9. ^Thats right, if it's an initaitve the governor has no say in it.

    And AB 390 is the Assembly Bill not any of the initaitives.
  10. so that means he can veto it right.
  11. He can veto the Assembly bill. However he can not veto the initiative or any of them for that matter. Once an initiative is passed it becomes law. Its like a royal decree lol

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