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  1. i still watch some cartoons and my friend amtt always rips on me for it.

    lol im sorry but some cartoons are funny.

    anyone else enjoy some cartoons? alot are retarded tho.

    and anime,i like anime too mhm.
  2. animaniacs #1 for just fun
    cowboy bebop
    samurai champloo two top anime
    scooby doo
    cindy and mandy
    courage the cowardly dog
    many many more.
    anything animated thats a musical i seem to love
  3. I still watch some cartoons, theyre just another medium of entertainment. he only rips you because hes too scared to watch them himself incase he gets ripped, way too concerned with what ppl think, and their perception of how a person should behave at what age!!
  4. I used to watch Ed, Edd, and Eddy while gettin ready for school. Im not a big fan of non-adult swim cartoons though
  5. nice choice in anime and yes courage the cowardly dog is the shit!
  6. fuck yea i still watch cartoons like family guy simpsons king of the hill and even fucken some hey arnold once in awhile lol idk just some showsi watch when ripped
  7. adultswim all the way here. family guy is awesome
  8. Yeah... Cartoons are the shit. Besides the cartoons on Adult Swim... King of the Hill, the Simpsons, South Park, AHHH! Real Monsters, and Rocko's Modern Life. All of those cartoons rock hard. Uhm, I also watch SpongeBob Square Pants...
  9. simpsons, not the new ones
    cowboy bebop(fav anime show)
    family guy
    scooby doo
    ATHF, if u count that a cartoon
    Akira, best anime movie ever
    ghost in the shell, movie and stand alone project
    and much more anime that icant think of right now.
  10. i watch some cartoons... some spongebob episodes are pretty funny... most r pretty retarded... and that noggin show or Nick JR.. lol Franklin.. good show.. lol am i 8?? lol i hav a nephew ok lol
  11. that show about the house full of imaginary friends is trippy. i got baked and was watching that one day and i could not even stop laughing..that blue blob guy is hilarious, he reminds me of master shake. Its ALMOST as funy while sober too.
  12. lol i rememeber The Muppet Babies... when i was younger i watched that.. same muppets just as babies and they lived in a day care and imagined adventures lol...kinda nuts
  13. OMFG! I cant stand all of these new cartoons!

    What ever happened to Looney Tunes, the Flinstones, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Droopy Dog, Atom Ant, Secret Squirl, Bird Man, Captain America, The Fantasic 4, Johnny Quest, The Jetsons, Godzilla, Captain Planet, The Herculoids, Hong Kong Phooey, Speed Racer, Huckleberry Hound, Snagglepuss, Tom and Jerry, Popeye, Under Dog, Wacky Races...

    Remember all of those great classics?

    Pssh...Spongebob? Adult Swim? They must all bow down to Hanna-Barbera. Well actually maybe there's something good...I havent seen any cartoons in a long time besides the Simpsons, Family Guy, etc.

    Grilled cheese sandwhiches, chocolate milk, and old Cartoon Network.

    What are they playing now a days?
  14. Cartoons are cool I still watch them when I have the chance.

    Family guy

    stuff like that and I watch One piece every now and again not sure why but I got hooked on that always makes me laugh :D

    Never to old for the cartoons!
  15. who doesn't watch cartoons? Southpark is the best tv show ever. and family guy.
  16. King of the Hill last summer every night between 11 and 12 i would smoke and watch that, never fucking missed it all summer long. Oh how i love king of the hill.

    boondocks is good to.

    hey arnold
    South Park
    Rocko's Modern Life
    FutureRama (fucking love that show)
    Looney Tunes (where tiny where toony where all a little loony)
    ghost in the shell (ya i need to watch this)
  17. AMEN SHAMROCK....A FUCKING MEN +rep for eccellent tv shows

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