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  1. So there on the road with a tonne of cannabis in the back of the van on the 800 mile drive back to the U.k with a criminal gang in pursuit and customs officers awaiting on the road ahead. It's necessary to test the gear and...

    This above is my original rough done in marker pens on two A3s. This is her first smoke, she's new to this and I'm trying to get a real feeling of that across.
    If you want to read more you can go to :B): The site pages are in colour, but there's something about the black and white roughs that is so vibrant and attractive. Am thinking of putting out a complete black and white version of the roughs. A good idea? :<_<:

    Anyway if you've any good smoking cartoons post 'em up. I'm wanting to see what others have done so I can be helped in improving my stuff.:)
  2. Oh my god. That's really, really good. I like the black and white, but can you post a link to some of the colors just so I can get a feel for that? I'd like a complete version of it :)
  3. man yur talented im lucky if i can draw a dope leaf...
  4. The first 23 pages are at the site link . As I colour and improve the originals I'm posting them up but it's taking much longer than I originally thought.

    So far,I have drew and inked the whole 74 pages of it, and now the few people who have seen the b&w originals suggest putting this b&w version out even though it's rougher and less polished. I'm thinking about it:smoke:.
  5. Goddamn, now that's talent. I can't draw for shit man.
  6. Thats an awesome cartoon man, last night I read every one on that site hahaha.

    I hope to see more of your work, its reallly good

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